Will Scott become the next Doctor?


Will Scott become the next Doctor?


It all started a number of years ago when Chappers was on the drivetime show. Long before David Tennant was on the scene to replace Christopher Eccleston, Scott Mills was campaigning for his sidekick to become the next Doctor.

Move forward a couple of years to 2007 it was former chart show host Reggie Yates who appeared in the third series of the revived science-fiction series Doctor Who as Leo Jones, brother of the Tenth Doctor’s companion Martha.

Dr HuwAnd before Matt Smith tookover there was even a campaign for Huw Stephens to become ‘Dr Huw’ (left).

Now that Smith is off the scene we will find out this evening who the next Doctor will be. While the likes of Peter Capaldi, Billie Piper and Chiwetel Ejiofor are favourites it could still be an outsider that takes the role. Paddy Power earlier this week were offering 250/1 for Scott Mills to takeover.

Could our little orange friend be stepping out of the Tardis next shouting the words ‘Alright Treacle’? Wait and see…

Photograph: @BrittanyMDuffy