April 2010 Podcasts


April 2010 Podcasts

Tired of Getting Flowers? - 1st April 2010 Tired of getting flowers? Well Beccy's found you the perfect substitute, the 'Hug-E-gram'. After yesterday Scott & Becky wonder if they should change their profile pic to something a little smarter. Is Matt Fincham important enough for Wikipedia? Beccy starts a campaign to stop his page being deleted on the 5th April!
Dear Scott with PR4L - 2nd April 2010 Beccy pretends to be Sylvia from Wikipedia and plays an April Fools joke on Matt Fincham. Scott eats a pickled egg covered in chocolate, yuck!
Dear Scott with the Posh Radio 4 Lady and Beccy does her best Aussie accent as she brings you Dannii Minogue's Weather obsessed Tweets.
Mills Is In For Moyles - 6th April 2010 Scott is convinced his have got fatter after Easter, Jaymo and Andy George pop in to play OWO, we break the news that Justin Bieber's voice has broken, and Scouting For Girls come in to celebrate their Easter number 1 (it's just as good as getting the Christmas number 1).
Marina Comes In To See Mills - 7th April 2010 Scott explores the world of horrible country songs, Daniel P Carter off've The Rock Show plays Oh Whats Occurring, and Marina off've The Diamonds tells us about the time she auditioned for a boy band.
How Much Better Are Vending Machines Abroad - 8th April 2010 Scott is off to the Duke Of Edinburgh Awards and doesn’t have a speech, the voiceover lady off’ve Masterchef leaves us a message, we find out vending machines are so much better abroad, Mistajam is in to play Oh What’s Occurring, and Scott has a new favourite new film – Birdemic.
Longest TV Quiz Show Argument Ever - 9th April 2010 Actual Huw Stephens comes in to play Oh, we find the longest TV quiz show argument ever, and a Scott look-alike is spotted at an Everyone Is The Same Height party.
Diana Vickers Is On - 12th April 2010 Diana Vickers from X Factor is on, but will she actually bring out a range of underwear called Diana Vickers' Knickers? Also, today's Oh What's Occurring is for you if you're a fan of the word 'flipflops' and why on earth is R Kelly yodelling?
Kids TV Theme Tunes Are A-mazin - 13th April 2010 Wouldn't TV be so much better if, in the theme tune, someone sang to tell what the show was about, like on kids' shows? Yes is the answer! Scott's trying to put this right.

Plus, Scott's been to the wrestling after the Hoff invited him, oddly.

Rhod Gilbert, plus PR4L does Telephone - 14th April 2010 Rhod Gilbert is on - he's a funny-man Welsh person apparently. He's lovin' Huw Stephens' Welsh Word Of The Day.

Also, Scott's been confused by the lyrics to 'Telephone' by Lady Gaga so he's got the Posh Radio 4 Lady to help. Hear her very well-spoken cover in today's podcast!

Paddy McGuinness, plus PR4L does Bad Romance - 15th April 2010 Scott's been puzzled by many things today. What does Andrew Lloyd Webber do with all the shoes he gets from failed Dorothys? What would happen if you randomly started calling people 'Hunky Chunk Of Love'? What do Welsh words sound like backwards? What does Gaga actually sing in 'Bad Romance'? Why is Chase Crawford sooo... y'know? All the answers in today's podcast!
N-Dubz & Chace Crawfords Babyfood Challenge - 16th April 2010 N-Dubz are proper famous now - they might be getting their own N-Dubz Dolls and everything.

Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl was in with Fearne yesterday. Chace fed Scott baby food for today's 'Oh!'. Of course he did. Errr... WRONG!

Were back on earlies again - 19th April 2010 Yep, Chris is stuck in New York so we're back on the breakfast show. Westwood comes in to play a live version of Where Am I? Dizzee Rascal joins us for a chat and we ruin Comedy Dave's lie in with a quick phone call.
Kiefer Sutherland sat nav - 21st April 2010 Scott chats to Kiefer Sutherland and tries to market a new unofficial satnav using his voice. Plus, Scott's health worries, Bieber eating a twiglet, Westwood volunteering and an incident with some mashed potato.
OMG its Usher - 22nd April 2010 Usher calls up for a chat, we've found a man that can't stop crying and Scott finally launches his appeal to help the Volcanic Ash Victims. Plus, cheeky cockney Kiefer Sutherland and Huw Stephen's interviewing Futureheads in Oh! What's Occurring?
Daddys Home - 23rd April 2010 Usher has recorded a very special song for Beccy... well, Scott has made it but he's saying it's from Usher to make Beccy happy. Plus, more funny calls with Scott's flatmate, Westwood, Oh! What's Occurring and your emails in Dear Scott.
Weddings - 26th April 2010 Scott and Beccy have been invited to a wedding, but it's only the evening do... should they go? Plus, it's Only Bley Friday, so what's there to cry about?!
The Crying Woman - 27th April 2010 Boys are rubbish at crying, but girls are brilliant and we have proof! Have you seen the Crying Woman online? We have some fun with her today - she just can't help crying at films! Plus, 'Oh' with Mark - will the "dream continue"?!
Tom Deacon - 28th April 2010 Beccy's randomly off, so Tom Deacon is in to play Oh! What's Occurring. Plus, find out what Hot Tub Time Machine is really like and how Scott has finally been outbrassed... by Sue Sylvester.
Scott, the hospital porter and a cupboard - 29th April 2010 Scott's dad is in a hospital with strict visiting times, so Scott hatches a plan to get in after hours. The Koalaty campaign continues, plus superheros, Rupert Grint and more magazing headlines in Oh! What's Occurring.
Scotts Emergency Cord Accident - 30th April 2010 Yep, he managed to get in to see his dad in hospital and also managed to cause a toilet emergency. Plus, the PR4L reads out more of your Dear Scotts, there's more from the amazing crying woman and Scott's split up with his cleaner... but will she leave fish on his pillow?

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