August 2007 Podcasts


August 2007 Podcasts

The Bookshop Game - 1st August 2007 Where we ask for books that don't actually exist....
Lindsay Lohan - 7th August 2007 Proof that Lindsay Lohan is driving people out of Hollywood!
Hot noises - 8th August 2007 Ladies, what are the noises that make you swoon? Guys, what should you play a lady to make her want you? Hear the 'jiggy noise'.
Brad Pitt - 9th August 2007 One of the many celebrity voices on flirt divert...
F Cup Cookies - 14th August 2007 Scott and Chappers weigh up the benefits of the newest Japanese invention - cookies that make your boobs grow - and there are animals using the Flirt Divert number.
Louis Walsh - 14th August 2007 Louis drops into the studio to discuss his sacking from and reinstatement to being a judge on X-Factor, the new series and what he really thinks of some of today's music artists!
Scott gets robbed - 17th August 2007 Just how honest are the general public? a wallet is 'dropped' on the streets of london asking the finder to ring Scott when it is found - will it get returned in one piece? AND Scott tries some very strange sexy time role play on Laura.
The Bubba Game - 21st August 2007 Scott's away but here are some of his golden it's 'The Bubba Game'.
Florists will write anything! - 22nd August 2007 Scott's away so here is Chappers presenting some golden's when we get florists to write anything...
More Mills Gold - 23rd August 2007 It's more Scott Mills Gold! We've got sick jokes, the posh noise, and chaos in supermarkets across the country!
Darth Vader - 24th August 2007 More of Mills' golden moments on the its Darth vader calling a garage, Laura dresses up as a man, and the classic take-away game!
Stuck in the bog - 29th August 2007 Scott gets stuck in the bog, The Simpsons in French and the follow-up to 'How To Make A German Laugh'- hear how a German radio station gets its own back on Scott.
Cookery and Innuendo Bingo - 30th August 2007 We've got cookery-themed Innuendo Bingo, a Random Act Of Kindness involving the kids from 'High School Musical' and Alan Carr reading out the Flirt Divert texts.
The Beauty Pageant - 31st August 2007 KT Tunstall drops by for a chat and performs some 'singing telegrams' for lucky listeners, a profound insight into global education from South Carolina's beauty pageant and the return of 'Are You Sick' - three tails to test how twisted your sense of humour is.

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