January 2011 Podcasts


January 2011 Podcasts

Random Rumours - 11th January 2011 After hearing that Facebook is going to close (it's not), Scott creates some of his own rumours. Plus, Scott's mate Chris pops in to play our new game, Jason Donovan says right a lot and will Scott lend a listener a very special outfit?
Annoying Matt Fincham - 12th January 2011 Beccy's come up with yet more ideas of how to annoy Matt Fincham off the Chris Moyles Show - he loves it really. Plus, Scott's brought in his favourite R Kelly track and the people of Stupid Street try their hand at presenting late night radio shows.
Marshmallows - 13th January 2011 Is it marshmallow or marshmellow? We're confused and so is Jimmy off Jimmy's Food Factory. Plus, Matt Fincham annoys Beccy without her realising and we've got another amazing installment of R Kelly's Trapped In The Closet.
Cabbies getting rid of spiders - 14th January 2011 Scott thinks that if you call a taxi, they'll get rid of spiders for you! It can't be true, can it? Plus, Stupid Street are having trouble saying stuff, the PR4L reads your texts and emails and there's yet more from R Kelly's Trapped In The Closet...
Its Only Bley Friday - 17th January 2011 We're "Ready For The Weekend", but are you? Plus, Scott screams over some more music and admits to flicking through his nan's Danielle Steel books!
Scotts new band - 18th January 2011 Scott got bored at the weekend, so formed a band with his flatmate and their phones. Hear the result... He claims it's as good as a recording studio. Plus, R Kelly is back, what's the latest? Who is the man on the phone? And we laugh a lot at Gary Tank Commander. It's brilliant.
"Im An Adult Baby" - 19th January 2011 Scott's friend Chris is back and this time he's annoying Scott's flatmate. Chris wants to be in their band and will do anything, including shouting weird stuff down the phone. Plus, don't miss the latest from R Kelly's hiphopera - we're up to Chapter 5 now and it's getting even more complicated.
Sophie Queen of Shops - 20th January 2011 Our favourite shop assistant to the stars, Sophia, is back. Plus, TOTDS plays us his song, we discuss band names with Stupid Street and Scott's got the next installment of the best hiphopera ever - R Kelly's Trapped In The Closet.
Innuendo Bingo: The Duel - 21st January 2011 Scott's friend Chris is back and playing his first Innuendo Bingo Duel. Plus, Timmy Trendy calls another gossip mag, PR4L reads your texts and emails, Beccy gets a shock from Usher and it's Part 7 of R Kelly's Trapped In The Closet.
Its Only Bley Friday - 24th January 2011 Scott celebrates the start of the weekend with a very impressive It's Only Bley Friday!
Spare Batman outfit anyone? - 25th January 2011 Scott's friend Chris is still trying to get a job... He needs a Batman outfit for the interview though. Will Scott be able to help him out? Plus, we finally find out what happened with Rose the Nosey Neighbour and her spatula?!
Chris is Batman... Or is he? - 26th January 2011 Scott's friend Chris auditions for Batman, but will his comedy American accent let him down at the last minute? Plus, more Nicki Minaj and the amazingly confusing Disociation game.
Beccy makes a song for Chris - 27th January 2011 Chris is still down after not getting the Batman role, so Beccy makes him a song to cheer him up. Plus, a secret insight into the lives of the Script, more Stupid Street and Scott's giving away zillions of SMP's if you can guess the ending to tonight's installment of R Kelly.
Its Only Bley Ke$ha - 28th January 2011 Scott gets a random call from Ke$ha and somehow ends up agreeing to go dancing naked with her in the New Forest. Beccy and Chris go head to head in Innuendo Bingo: The Duel, R Kelly gets even more confusing and the PR4L reads out more of your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Its Only Bley Friday - 31th January 2011 Scott screams over some music to celebrate the start of the weekend! Plus, Beccy and Chris are set a challenge and Scott wants Chris to be removed from the studio. WARNING: may contain explicit content...

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