January 2013 Podcasts


January 2013 Podcasts

Happy New Year 07 Jan 13 Scott's back... after he accidentally ruined New Years Eve. Plus, Chris has problems with a full body scanner, Beccy sings Lovin The Trolls and there's a brand new 24 Years At The Tap End.
One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Poison 08 Jan 13 Host of Radio 1's leftfield show, and owner of TWO music festivals, Rob da Bank is today's guest on Innuendo Bingo. Scott's shared a lift with a woman who sniffs lift doors - what's that all about? Plus Charlie Sloth from BBC Radio 1Xtra plays Real Or No Real against Chris.
Apology Letters 09 Jan 13 Scott's housemate gets into a situation and has to write a letter to get out of it. Plus, Sir Dossa, 24 Years At The Tap End and Jameela Jamil pops in to play Real or No Real.
No More Dry Slopes 10 Jan 13 Radio 1's new evening show DJs Phil Taggart and Alice Levine join Chris for an extremely damp three-way Innuendo Bingo. An airline offers Scott some local produce as an apology. Plus, do ski instructors pull all the time? Or is that just an urban myth?
Luke Campbell 11 Jan 13 The Olympic Gold medallist calls up... he has some interesting Sir Dossa news. Plus, Chris's next invention for Mrs Mead and more Real or No Real.
Beccy is leaving... 14 Jan 13 Scott announces that Beccy is leaving the show and starts planning some surprises for her last day. Plus, Tap End, Loving The Trolls and Real or No Real with Radio 1's Dan and Phil.
hris flies solo in Innuendo Bingo  15 Jan 13 Chris flies solo in Innuendo Bingo & reviews yet another classic film he has managed to avoid his whole life. Plus Scott has more Real Or No Real for the nation...
You, Me & The Generic Tablet 16 Jan 13 Scott is convinced he should remake 80s film Electric Dreams for 2013. Plus, Beccy is at the Tap End for the last time and more crazy facts in Real or No Real.
Gemma Cairney plays Innuendo Bingo 17 Jan 13 Gemma Cairney makes her anticipated and very wet return to Innuendo Bingo. Plus more Dear Scott's from the nation and Real Or No Real.
Beccy's Last Show!  18 Jan 13 A showbiz cast of thousands are out in force to say goodbye to one of the most decent units on the radio. Beccy Huxtable has been strong in body, strong in mind and strong in spirit for the last five years on the show but now she's off. Join Scott, Chris, Frisky & Mannish, Abandoman, Gabrielle Aplin, some guy called Dale and many more as they send Beccy rapping off into the sunset.
Dan And Phil Play Real Or No Real 21 Jan 13 AmazingPhil and DanIsNotOnFire play a competitive game of Real Or No Real. Chris takes us to the Tap End once more for another dip into his autobography. And Scott's mate Unlucky Gary has made himself a personalised credit card. Have a guess at how well that's gone.
"Is Your Husband Here?" 22 Jan 13 Chris is planning for his bargain holiday in Tenerife with the help of a Spanish phrase book. We're not entirely sure when he'll get to use phrases such as "is your husband here?" Also, Innuendo Bingo with Rhianna (off'uv films), a very important debate about germs, and a special story from an over-fed Charlie Sloth.
We've Found Fernandos! 23 Jan 13 The latest theory on Chris's £25 holiday is that he's actually going to Fernandos, the date island from Take Me Out. More information comes in as the show goes on. The holiday theme continues with a 24 Years At The Tap End set on the Greek Islands and some more important foreign phrases. Plus top facts on everyone from Westlife to Michael Buble, but which ones are real and which ones are no real?
Chris's Mate Fernando And His Log 24 Jan 13 Chris has brought a new mate along for Show And Tell. Fernando keeps a very strange log of his girlfriend's behaviour. Oddly, Chris doesn't seem to think it's weird at all. Also, Scott's been at the National Television Awards, Real Or No Real and a super-soaked edition of Innuendo Bingo with Gemma.
"Must I Swallow Them Whole?" 25 Jan 13 Scott has found some more old foreign phrase books. But why did the writers think you'd need to say this stuff? "Hand me that hat box"?! Chris might finally be about to book his £25 holiday to Fernandos. And Greg James is along to play a special Real Or No Real ahead of his trip up the Zambezi.
Bring Sir Dossa To Work Day 28 Jan 13 Chris has brought the legendary Sir Dossa (creator of the Bish Bash Bosh song) into work to have a look around. His presence inspires another chapter of Chris's autobography, 24 Years At The Tap End. Plus, now we know Nelly doesn't follow Kelly on Twitter, which other celebrity duos might all be a shame? And Dan and Phil pop along for some Real Or No Real.
One Pound Text! 29 Jan 13 Chris has written a very original new piece of music to help Greg raise money for his Comic Relief Hell And High Water challenge. Innuendo Bingo is another wet one with Sarah Jane Crawford. What has happened to Jason Mraz? And Real Or No Real with Huw Stephens.
Mrs Brown's Boys Fans, Anonymous 30 Jan 13 Are you a fan of TV show, Mrs Brown's Boys? Would you admit it in public? We've heard stories of people blocking friends on Facebook or even falling out with their partners over this issue. Why do people care so much, it's only a TV show?! Also, more Tap End with Chris, a surreal Real Or No Real with Huw and day three of Greg's Hell Or High Water challenge.
Who Does Posh Follow? 31 Jan 13 We play our new favourite game! All you have to do is guess which celebrities follow each other on Twitter. We've uncovered some awkward scenarios, starting with the ex-Spice Girls. Rihanna is in for a classic Innuendo Bingo. We catch up with Greg on his Comic Relief challenge. Chris has had another run-in with Pixie Lott. Why did he end up hiding under a desk in the office yesterday?

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