January 2014 Podcasts


January 2014 Podcasts

Scott's Back, Will Poulter And New Shakira 13 Jan 14 Scott's back from his holiday on Pig Beach! He's got plenty of stories to tell. BAFTA nominated actor, Will Poulter, is in to chat about his nomination and his roll in We're The Millers. That was the film which Chris famously chatted to Jennifer Aniston about. Did Will really show Jen his, errrm, well... his, yep. We find out! There's a new song from Shakira to play. And Greg's in for Real Or No Real.
Innuendo Bingo's Back And Tinie Tempah's Giraffe 14 Jan 14 After THREE WEEKS off, Innuendo Bingo is back. It's been too long, people are really craving it! So we've got Rhianna, the one and only Queen of Innuendo Bingo, to play on this special occassion. Colin Murray, Countdown, BBC Wiltshire, Sunday Brunch, and Radio 4 have all had a filthy Christmas break! Chris has had a brainwave about the Late Night Live Lounge. This could also be filth! Charlie's in for Real Or No Real. And there's an amazing phone call from a man who spent two weeks in Tinie Tempah's house. Why does he have a giraffe head sticking out the wall?!
Homes Under The Hammer Game is Back. 15 Jan 14 We try to guess the tunes used in Homes Under The Hammer, just by what they're saying. It's Pitbull's birthday (which Scott is very excited about) and we get ready for the uncut, uncensored, 24 Years At The Tap End.
Chris Still Has A Job! And Innuendo Bingo 16 Jan 14 It's a miracle! Chris still has a job even after he told the FULL story of what happened in Prague live on the radio last night. Also, Huw's in for Innuendo Bingo. He's not sure why he keeps agreeing to play! And Greg's in for Real Or No Real. Which very important BBC person has a ringtone that's a bit of a rudie??!
Chris Embarrasses Himself (Again!) 17 Jan 14 Chris has had a long week and it seems to have got to him. Now he's got an idea that involves him going out into the office and asking a very awkward question. PLus, Grimmy's tried a "who" but it's gone all wrong. We investigate the weird world of foreign music charts. Why is Phil Collins big in Laos?! And Danny Howard plays Real Or No Real.
Shakira Shakira! She's On The Phone 20 Jan 14 Scott's on hold with Shakira. Will he be brave enough to put her on hold back when she finally gets to the phone. And Chris wants to ask if there's anyone she wouldn't collaborate with! Also, Scott's had an incident at the cinema. How did our listeners end up with nicknames like "Donkey", "Twinkletoes" and "Banger"? And Greg plays Real Or No Real.
Extreme Innuendo Bingo And The Vamps 21 Jan 14 Scott has arranged for yoghurt to be lowered into Chris's mouth as he lies on the ground and tries not to spray it all over his own face. It's the one and only EXTREME Innuendo Bingo and it's a very special one. Stephen Fry, Michael Portillo and Wildlife's Chris Packham (in particular) have all excelled themselves. After his success with Shakira, Scott sees how long he can put The Vamps on hold. And Charlie Sloth is in for Real Or No Real.
Reverse Mastermind And Fearne Real Or No Real 22 Jan 14 Just My Luck, Oliver, Bruce Springsteen, Bolton, Back To The Future, Busted. Those are the answers but what's the question? Scott takes on Chris in his new game Reverse Mastermind featuring Rachel Riley, Jordan from Rizzle Kicks and Dan Walker from Football Focus. Plus, Fearne Cotton makes her Real Or No Real. Are giraffes really all bisexual? Alice Levine is LeKeen for tonight's Future Festival. Could Chris be in the new 24 film? And Other Chris from the show has been making some very odd noises.
SPOILER ALERT For Jennifer Lawrence 23 Jan 14 Jennifer Lawrence loves Homeland but she's heard the worst possible plot spoiler, live on TV! CONTAINS SPOILER (Obviously!) Danny Howard plays Innuendo Bingo. Winter Watch have been at it again! Chris has a new enemy at the laundrette. Greg plays Real Or No Real and gets all confused about past Big Brother contestants. And what secrets are being hidden by the people who used to work in photo shops?! They've seen EVERYTHING!
Should Chris Bring Tap End Back? 24 Jan 14 After Chris's late night and explicit version of his autobiography, 24 Years At The Tap End, was a big hit on YouTube, he's under pressure to bring it back for another series. But has he got any more stories left in his head? Also, Danny Howard plays Real Or No Real. (Includes important news for anyone who'd be excited to find Danny Howard on an online dating site.) And there's more of the Homes Under The Hammer Game. Will Scott's weird brain still be worryingly good at figuring out what song comes next?
Who's In "The Celebrity Zoo"? 27 Jan 14 With Splash! and The Jump taking reality TV to a whole new level, Scott's wondering how far celebrities will go to get on TV. With Chris's help he calls up celeb agents to pitch amazing new TV ideas such as "The Celebrity Zoo". Will any of them agree? Also, it was the Grammys last night and it was a headline writer's dream. Greg plays Real Or No Real. And have the makers of Big Brother been listening to our Homes Under The Hammer game?
Lee Ryan Innuendo Bingo 28 Jan 14 The amazing/hilarious/lovely/badly behaved/apologetic/evil/panto villain (delete as appropriate) Lee Ryan is straight out the Big Brother house and in front of the Innuendo Bingo bin. Chris is ready to give him a soaking. But what does he have to say for himself. Scott finds out. Plus, guess who's been added by their local pub on Twitter? What really went on in 90s photography shops? What's happened to the normal voiceover guy on Real Or No Real? And which well known, slightly larger, hip hop DJ can do an amazing West Country accent?
Unlucky Gary Gets Unlucky On Tinder 29 Jan 14 Scott's friend Gary is one of the most unlucky people out there. This time his misfortune has struck in the online dating world of Tinder. Chris tries to rescue the situation but only makes it worse (what were the chances?) Also, the Japanese have another new invention for us to get our heads around. Sara plays Real Or No Real. Busta Rhymes is on about some biggidy buffs, whatever they are. And it's BAMBOLEO Wednesday! Rejoice!
Busta Rhymes Raps About Pokemon 30 Jan 14 Chris is nearly rendered speechless by today's Real Or No Real. Has Busta Rhymes been rapping about Pokemon characters? Does the village of Muff in Ireland have a very special type of club? Listen all the way to the end of the podcast to find out. Also, Matt Edmondson plays Innuendo Bingo. Scott stirs some Twitter beef between the coaches on The Voice. And there's more Tinder drama, this time in the Radio 1 office.

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