July 2011 Podcasts


July 2011 Podcasts

Face Your Fantasy - 1st July 2011 Scott becomes Kate Middleton for the day and Chris eats sushi off Beccy. It's quite scary what happens when you have to face someone else's fantasy! Plus, the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
The Worlds Shortest Download - 4th July 2011 Yep, we think this is our shortest download yet. Enjoy almost one minute of Scott screaming over some classical music to celebrate the start of the weekend.
Peter Andre - 5th July 2011 Pete pops in to talk about food, bad jokes and whether or not he'll let us use his hot tub. Plus, win some Scott Mills Points thanks to the Apprentice and get all the gossip from Scott's trip to Corfu with Pamela Anderson.
From paperclip to ? - 6th July 2011 Chris has found a man who managed to swap a paperclip for a house. He thinks he can do the same, but will he manage it? Plus, Innuendo Bingo: The Duel and win more Scott Mills Points with Adele's laugh.
The Press 1 Game - 7th July 2011 Scott brings back the Press 1 Game, but will the celebrities want the prizes on offer? And Matt Edmondson pops in to win some Scott Mills Points from Stupid Street. Plus, is it ever acceptable to buy yourself flowers and pretend they're from someone else to make girlfriend / boyfriend jealous?!
Scott Mills - The Housewives Choice - 8th July 2011 Scott gets very embarrassed when described as the 'Housewives Choice' on BBC 1 and Chris continues on his mission to swap his way to win a house. Plus, what exactly was Beccy doing with beans at a concert?!
Worlds Most Embarrassing Parents - 12th July 2011 Scott is on the hunt for the World's Most Embarrassing Parents. Plus, his mate Robbie wants to release an album, no one is listening to Ronnie in Eastenders and find out who Fearne was very excited to see at the weekend!
Westwoods Travel Clinic - 13th July 2011 Westwood isn't famous for being a travel expert, but he knows his stuff, so we get him to answer your questions. Plus, Chris becomes a motivational speaker, Scott plays Innuendo Bingo: The Duel and some very strange voicemails appear on Chris's phone.
Chriss Weird Voicemails - 14th July 2011 Scott finally admits he knows something about the strange messages Chris is getting on his phone. Plus, the most confusing train announcement ever, Westwood's Travel Clinic and Matt Edmondson pops in to win some Scott Mills Points.
Mr Motivator... - 15th July 2011 No, not that one, Scott's mate Chris has a new money making scheme. Today, he takes his motivational speaking business to the streets. Plus, the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads out your Dear Scotts and Beyonce buys pizza for everyone.
Holiday Romances - 19th July 2011 Smooth Talking Dan hits Stupid Street to find out about their holiday romances. Plus, Scott and Beccy are off to a quiz, listener Rob wants some time off the show and Beccy's gets her first pet.
Innuendo Bingo - The Duel - 20th July 2011 Beccy takes on Chris with another round of Innuendo Bingo. Plus, Scott's got a new haircut and Chris is in love with a woman he's never met.
Dynamo - 21st July 2011 Scott gets well freaked out after a visit from magician Dynamo. Plus, Stupid Street debate which celebs have the sexiest voices and Scott is scared about having to do a wedding speech.
Stupid Street 1950s Style - 22nd July 2011 Beccy's found some amazing Stupid Streets from the olden days. Plus, the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott and we've had a dance off with 6D.

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