July 2013 Podcasts


July 2013 Podcasts

Spanish Toilets & Give It A Restival! 1 Jul 13 Scott is back from his holiday and fills us in on Spanish toilet etiquette. Chris is slightly jealous of all his mates who went to Glastonbury over the weekend. He reads out some of their melty status updates about the festival and wants them to 'Give It A Restiful'. Scott played at Wembley stadium over the weekend (no big deal), he was overshadowed by a dancing steward and asked to leave a lift for Princess Beatrice. Also, Greg is stuck in Glasto traffic...but will he make it for his show?!
Hayley From The Call Centre Innuendo Bingo 02 Jul 13 The nation's favourite tea girl, Hayley from BBC Three's The Call Centre is in for an Innuendo Bingo soaking. She really loves it! (Sometimes after a slight delay.) Scott is trying another fad diet. (Tut tut.) Chris has another 'friend' with a issue that needs sorting out. (Yeah right.) And Scott thinks Charlie Sloth is the fattist. (No, Scott, you're the fattist)
Grunt Or Goat? And We Meet Dr Radha 03 Jul 13 Scott is now fully obsessed with the noises made by the tennis players at Wimbledon. But can you tell the difference between Serena Williams's grunt and the noise of a goat? It's harder than you think. The Surgery has a brand new expert, Dr Radha. We test out her advice-giving skills with some dilemmas from Chris's past. And Sara Cox is here to try and figure out whether a fascinating fact about Daniel Radcliffe is Real Or No Real.
Monkey Tennis! And Aled Innuendo Bingo 04 Jul 13 Bowing to overwhelming public pressure, Scott arranges a tennis match between a monkey and a goat. And a goat and a pig. And a pig and Maria Sharapova. And Maria Sharopava and Charlie Sloth. Believe it! Also, Aled is in for Innuendo Bingo, but only after an unbelievable amount of faffing about a pair of speedos. And Greg James is in for Real Or No Real. Could we really all have been controlling our computers with our knees?
The Annual Men's Semis Joke! 05 Jul 13 Excitement builds across the country as Scott prepare's an expectant nation for The Scott Mills Show's annual Men's Semis joke. Are you ready for it? You'll remember where you were for years to come! Also, another Fish Pie Sue call. This time it's someone in our listener Saffron's phone called "Jumperoo". Who on earth could it be? Chris is getting ridiculously stressed about his visit to "something called a regaaarta??" And Matt Edmondson finally keeps an appointment and is along for Real Or No Rea
Wimbledon Montages & Greg's Gift 08 Jul 13 Scott's been watching sport, which never normally goes well, but this time he's noticed something which is confusing EVERYONE, not just him. What were those montages about during the Andy Murray game? We investigate. Scott's taken Chris shopping which was also a bad idea. Greg James in in Scotland, sofa-surfing his way to T In The Park. Scott's got a plan to sort him out with a very special house gift. And Dan and Phil pop in for more Real Or No Real. Do we really have a brain in our stomachs?
What's Your 19th Favourite Ice Cream? 09 Jul 13 What's your favourite flavour of ice cream? And your second? And your third? Bored now? How long will it take the people of Stupid Street to get impatient as Scott and Chris ask them the same question? It's the first ever Stupid Street duel! Also, Charlie Sloth waddles in for a game of Real Or No Real. Scott's become obsessed with Chavril, his new favourite celeb couple(Chad and Avril of course). And an incredible Innuendo Bingo performance from young Dev.
Does Sue Barker Hibernate For The Winter? 10 Jul 13 One of many questions pondered by Sara Cox as she joins Scott and Chris for Real Or No Real. As ever Sara's mind wanders to all sorts of wondeful places. This week is a particular triumph of wanging-on! Chris has been making mischief calling Scott's agent with some career ideas for Mr Mills. Greg James is still sofa surfing. And Jameela Jamil is supposed to be here with the Offical Chart Update. But where is she?!
Thomasz Schafernaker Off The Weather Innuendo Bingo 11 Jul 13 Scott's favourite BBC Weather presenter, Thomasz Schafernaker, plays Innuendo Bingo. He's responsible for a fair few Innuendo clips himself, and has got a number of very popular YouTube videos to his name... now it's time to make another one! Also, where's the weirdest place you've seen someone posing for a photo? Has Greg survived another night of sofa surfing? And will Matt Edmondson finally turn up for Real Or No Real?
Scott Messes With Chris's VooOiiiicCce 12 Jul 13 Scott's found something called a speech jammer. It makes Chris's voice sound WEIRD! Would it be fun if Chris had to phone the boss with the speech jammer on? Yes it really would! You've never heard anything like it! Also, Scott and Chris have lost their patience with the people outside pubs who make you stand "behind the line". We review Sharknado, the hottest new movie release. Danny Howard peers over the desk to play Real Or No Real. And Ke$ha has had a lovely little chat with Harry Styles.
Is That An Ice Cube In Your Shorts Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me? 15 Jul 13 Scott and Chris are struggling in the heat, but it's ok, Scott's got a bright idea. Or is it? Find out what happens when the boys shovel ice cubes down their shorts. Also, The PR4L is getting into the summer spirit with some holiday themed letters. Dan and Phil struggle with a movie-themed edition of Real Or No Real. And Carly Rae Jepsen has had a bad time at a baseball game.
Zane Lowe Takes On The SpeEcch JaAmEErr 16 Jul 13 We help Zane Lowe out by getting him an interview with the NME about his big Jay Z interview. Except, just before the call starts, we turn on the speech jammer and his voice goes ALL wrong. Also, Jen Long is in for another classic Innuendo Bingo. Scott can't persuade Chris that there is such a thing as a pillow menu. And standby for the longest, strangest, most chaotic edition of Real Or No Real ever! (Don't say we didn't warn you!)
Daniel Radcliffe Loves "Bargain Hunt:The Movie" 17 Jul 13 Chris has snuck into Radio 1 when Scott's not looking to grab a word with Daniel Radcliffe and run some of his movie ideas past him. Following the success of "Sharknado", will Daniel be interested in helping fund a new project called "Tsunamadillo"? Also, Sara's in for Real Or No Real, but does David Tennant really urinate in his garden to mark his own territory? Scott's friend Unlucky Gary is struggling with his addiction to a Chinese takeaway. And we play our Twitter game, Follow Me, Follow You, But Who Follows Who?
Laura Tobin Off Of The Weather Innuendo Bingo 18 Jul 13 Daybreak's weather presenter Laura Tobin joins Scott and Chris for Innuendo Bingo. She's been deciding the weather for the last two weeks (we assume)and has given us a heat wave, so to say thanks we're giving her a soaking! Also, Scott and Chris meet the biggest salad EVER in the pub. Scott's had an awkward photo with Miley Cyrus. And Greg James pops along for Real Or No Real.
Harry Styles (Eventually) And Best Song Ever! 19 Jul 13 One Direction's new single is "Best Song Ever" (modest title!) Scott's ready to play it but the band want the WHOLE WORLD to hear it at the same time. So we have to wait for "The Americas" to wake up. And we need Harry Styles to get out of bed too so he can speak to Scott and introduce the song. In the meantime, Scott gives Chris the task of extending the short teaser clip out into a full song. Has he accidentally made the worst song ever in the process? Eventually Harry calls Scott and the pair of them talk about what the boys get up to on the tour bus (watching Sex And The City a lot apparently), Harry's stiff leg, the secret names he uses to check into hotels and loads more. Also, Radio 1 is off to Ibiza. Find out how you could be going!
Royal Baby News! (There Is No News) 22 Jul 13 There's a royal baby imminent and Scott is obsessed with the rolling news coverage. NOTHING has happened, but that won't stop them talking about it. To keep things going while everyone waits for word from The Palace, Dan and Phil drop by for a Royal Real Or No Real. Also, the nearest thing to Scott Mills Show royalty, The Posh Radio 4 Lady, pops along to read your emails.
Luisa From The Apprentice Innuendo Bingo 23 Jul 13 Lord Sugar's runner-up for 2013, Luisa, is in to give Chris a soaking. There are some startling revelations about what Gino D'acampo does with a pie, Dick Strawbridge's love of pork and what Jean from Eastenders can do with a sausage. Scott can't stop thinking about the weird town crier who popped up to announce the royal birth. Chris is obsessing over his saucy selection of songs for the bedroom party on Thursday. And Charlie Sloth is in to play Real Or No Real against Chris. We all know who's fattist!
"Songs To Lie Down To" 24 Jul 13 Scott and Chris are preparing for their big DJ set at Phil and Alice's Bedroom Party. It's all slow jams and they've hired the services of Trevor Nelson to do a voiceover for an advert to show off their selections. Also, Sara Cox is in for Real Or No Real. Can you really charge your phone using human urine? Chris is well excited about joining the Radio 1 football team, Radio One-derers. And after an incident with a lift, Chris ends up in charge of the whole of NATIONAL Radio 1. Oh blimey.
Phil Taggart Innuendo Bingo 25 Jul 13 Phil pops in ahead of his Bedroom Party tonight to play Innuendo Bingo. Who wants to know what happens when Bell from Eastenders ends up in hospital? (Think about it!) Scott is told the bad news by Grimmy that he has to present Radio 1's football show on Monday. Worst sport presenter ever?? Chris has found out the name of the royal baby and has gone off on one. And Greg is in to play Real Or No Real. But is Miranda really bringing out a workout DVD?
Chris Stark Takeover! 26 Jul 13 Huw is in for a poorly Scott Mills but he's running late - so the fate of Radio 1 is in the hands of Chris Stark! Plus Danny Howard pops in for Real or No Real and we discuss the ideal school bell.
Scott  The Home Of Football 29 Jul 13 Yes, that's right, Scott hosts Radio 1's football show bringing you highlights of the big showdown between Team Olly Murs and Team Nick Grimshaw. Chris will be so proud! Except he's going to miss most of the show on a train coming back from the match. Which gives Scott the perfect opportunity to play some of the, err, best bits of when Chris covered for him on Friday. Also, Scott's met a brilliant air hostess. AndDanIsVeryIll so AmazingPhil has to play Real Or No Real by himself. Did a football fan really turn up at his own minute's silence when his team thought wrongly that he'd passed away?
Sticky Fingers 31 Jul 13 On the show today Scott and Chris call some companies with amazing names -  things like 'Sticky Fingers.' Scott announces the impressive list of guests on the show in the next couple of weeks when he's covering Breakfast. Plus more incredible Shark films and Real Or No Real with Sarah Cox.

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