June 2012 Podcasts


June 2012 Podcasts

Aiden Grimshaw Is In! - 1st June 2012 Aiden Grimshaw comes in to talk about his new record, why he’s not in the video and armpit botox. Scott recaps the highlights of the week including Eurovision winner Loreen, Innuendo Bingo with Rachel Riley, Nick Frost talking about ninja restaurants and lots of Oh! What’s Occurring! Scott spoke to Charlie Sloth live from the The BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra Academy in Hackney before his Q&A on Ask The Music Experts Anything as it opened today! Today’s listener is a 24 year old American lady who has been mistaken for Harry Styles and in Oh! What’s Occurring! We asked the people of Stupid Street ‘What was the last text someone sent you?’
The Scott Mills Shows Diamond Jubilee - 4th June 2012 As you know, the real reason for our two bank holidays in a row is because The Scott Mills Show is celebrating sixty years of glorious entertainment broadcasting. Let's relive some of the best moments!
Edith Bowman plays Innuendo Bingo - 5th June 2012 The clips you've all found for Innuendo Bingo are particularly special today. Get ready to find out the secret of a good doff. Also, Gatis from Britain's Got Talent is on to prove that he's probably the best Latvian comedian going.
Out The Way Muggles! - 6th June 2012 Chris tries re-creating another classic cinema moment, by running at a brick wall at a railway station. Plus there's the Sausages game, and a couple of rounds of Oh! What's Occuring? with Radio 1's Matt Edmondson.
I See You Baby, Shakin That Trout - 7th June 2012 In this episode, Sarah-Jane Crawford from BBC Radio 1Xtra joins us for a special simulcast edition of Innuendo Bingo - the game so big that it straddles two radio stations. Chris gets the wettest he's been in quite a while. Also Professor Green pops in for a chat about his new single Remedy, and what he's been up to at the BBC's Hackney Academy. Plus not forgetting the family-favourite guessing game, Oh! What's Occuring? Our guest is Vis from Ace & Vis on 1Xtra.
Jungle Jonathan pays a visit - 8th June 2012 The Temporary One That Doesn't Speak has brought in a terrifying Show & Tell for Scott and Chris... it's a man called Jungle Jonathan who lives with lots of terrifying creatures. Hear what happened when he whipped his snake out, along with a giant millipede and some stick insects. Also today, there's a game of Oh! What's Occuring? with Radio 1's Dance Anthems presenter Danny Howard, and we help you find love in time for the weekend with the help of Missed Connections.
Beccys Back - 11th June 2012 On the show today, Beccy is back to join in with the fun! Chris calls his mate Mark and reads out the lyrics to Adele's 'Someone Like You' - will he realise it's not a normal conversation? Also, Chris wants to make a song for if England crash out of the Euros. And randomly, Scott has spent the weekend in Poland - host of the Euros - not that he knew anything about that!
Erotic Stationary - 12th June 2012 Chris plays Inneundo Bingo with Rihanna off films. And he's also desperate to find some 'Nudey pens' to give as presents to celebrities. Plus Scott has an impromptu Show And Tell...and it involves 'The Home And Away Game.' And we round off with a game of Oh! all about Spanish football commentary.
With Actual Nicki Minaj - 13th June 2012 Scott chats with superstar Nicki Minaj about kissing Madonna and marrying Kevin Federline! Also, Chris fell asleep on the train this morning...standing up. Plus more foreign football commentary, and Oh What's Occuring featuring 'lemurs.'
Wettest Ever Innuendo Bingo With Sara Cox - 14th June 2012 Sara Cox is getting wet with Scott and Chris for another Innuendo Bingo, and this one is SOAKING. Plus, work continues on our England Euro Exit song. Will it be ready in time for the first game? And Beccy returns to deal with some more Dear Scotts.
Russell Brand And Chris At Abbey Road - 15th May 2012 Russell Brand's on to talk about his new film Rock Of Ages and to tell stories about scoffing his dinner at Tom Cruise's house, falling in love with Alec Baldwin and working with the Dalai Lama! Plus, Chris heads to Abbey Road and makes a bit of scene.
Adam Deacon, Deborah Meaden At Hackney Academy - 19th June 2012 We're learning lots of stuff on the show today as Scott takes a wander round the Hackney Academy. Deborah Meadon from Dragons' Den has some business advice for Chris. Adam Deacon, Jaime Winstone and Ashley Walters drop by to talk about getting into acting and Beccy is back at the bin for Innuendo Bingo for the first time in years!
David Hasselhoff And Nudie Pens - 19th June 2012 The Hoff is on. Yes, we know he was only just in, but we take ANY opportunity to speak to the great man! He'll be back in Edinburgh this year doing his own show, but will he be back for some more 'Guy Love' with Scott? Plus, the nudie pens are here!
"Ha! Awkward" And Noel Clarke - 20th June 2012 Scott was watching the Football last night but it's possible he wasn't paying as much attention as he could have been. Chris has some evidence to present. Also, Noel Clarke drops in to talk about his new film Storage 24. And David Hasselhoff is back on (surprise surprise) to play Smell My Finger.
Innuendo Bingo And Lana Del Lol - 21st June 2012 Chris flies solo on Innuendo Bingo and gets himself covered in the white stuff as greek yoghurt explodes out of his mouth. Scott's also been getting Chris to send presents to celeb's for their birthdays. Find out how Lana Del Rey took to her nudie pen. Clue: we've renamed her Lana Del Lol.
No Pressure! Its One Day To Go! - 22nd June 2012 It's one day to go before Hackney and Scott's remembered that a certain artist needs a call to remind him he's on! Chris is still working on his Euro 2012 exit song, plus there's really NO PRESSURE on you to get some SMPs in today's Oh! What's Occuring.
Its Chris Emotional Montage Song! 25th June 2012 It's the morning after the weekend before and we're all recovering from Radio 1's Hackney Weekend. Surprisingly, we've discovered that Sinitta off 'Judges' Houses' does football commentary which Beccy loves. Scott has an interview with Pro Green from Hackney, whilst Pro's girlfriend Milly lies asleep. Chris gives us the debut of his Emotional Montage Song after England crashed out of the Euros. And we ask Stupid Street - what's your favourite Tinchy Stryder Song?
Mills I Need A Wet Wipe Immediately - 26th June 2012 It's Chris Versus Scott in Innuendo Bingo today - and it's our messiest one ever. Plus, as a special treat we have a Dear Scott rollover, as there was too much to fit in last Thursday. We play the final version of Chris' Emotional  Montage Song - 'Balls of Disappointment (Can You Feel It?)' - which you can also download for free on the Radio 1 homepage. And we end with a nice game of 'Who's That Tweeting?'
Night Vision Goggles - 27th June 2012 On today's show, our listener Hillary has some exciting Kate Middleton info which Beccy loves! We have the 'Candlelight Remix' of 'Bish Bash Bosh.' Chris thinks he should have written 'Fifty Shades Of Grey.' And we ask Stupid Street to describe Jessie J in 3 words!
#BingoRevenge - 28th June 2012 On the show today, it's #BingoRevenge with Rihanna Versus Chris. It gets messy. Plus we have another round of Dear Scott read by the PR4L. We dress Chris up as Santa to cheer up Mac off've the army, who will be listening to this in December. (All will become clear.) And we play 'Who's That Tweeting?' with Smooth Talkin Dan.
Chris the Mexican performer! - 29th June 2012 Chris comes up with yet another way to become a millionaire - and it involves dressing up as a mexican and getting out the guitar! Also, more Dear Scott (even though it's a Friday and we shouldn't really.) Plus Smooth Talkin Dan is on Stupid Street asking, 'Do you love it like Will.I.Am loves it?'

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