March 2008 Podcasts


March 2008 Podcasts

Does Laura Pop The Question? - 3rd March 2008 So, does Laura use this day to get her way and finally get engaged? Not exactly! Hear Laura's elaborate but plausible ways of 'gently' persuading her boyfriend James to pop the question. Plus we all feel a bit queasy at the antics in Eastenders recently... Does Ian, clad only in fetching tanga briefs, actually get to see Clare's bird of paradise?
The Jellyfish Sting Dilemma - 4th March 2008 Scott reveals who he'd get to wee on his jellyfish sting should this situation ever occur. We all cringe at the American TV show based on winning money whilst on a lie detector. Plus Scott points out that although parents may tut at lyrics nowadays, just how 'wrong' were lyrics from the music they used to listen to...?
Your Mum and your teacher... Eww - 5th March 2008 The traumas of catching your mum in a 'comprising' position with your teacher... apart from getting good GCSE results. Scott discovers he can predict the future, find out why girls feel the need to give the boys a good slap once in a while, plus more filthy lyrics from the music our parents used to listen to!
The Crutch Bandit - 6th March 2008 So if you were a criminal, would you want to go down in history as being the Crutch Bandit, the Leprechaun or Ice Pick Willy...? Scott also discusses going commando and music that is discretely meant to shut people up. Plus more filth that our parents used to listen to and Scott tries out his new game on Zane Lowe.
Its Finally Arrived... The Hawaii Chair - 7th March 2008 At last! The chair Scott has been waiting for arrives and the excitement is hard to contain... until it all goes a bit wrong. The stops are pulled out to try and get Chopper goosebumpy. Plus excuses listeners have used instead of admitting to their mates they've been dumped...
Chappers and Dave start their Sport Relief tour - 10th March 2008 We hear from Chappers on his first day of touring all the English and Scottish Premiership grounds and running a mile at each in aid of Sport Relief. To celebrate, Scott has a little ditty for Chappers to sing in his own inimitable style... We also hear the not-so-easy to follow instructions for Scott's Hawaii chair, and there's more filth from your parents' and grandparents' day: this time it's the toys they played with.
The language barrier question - 11th March 2008 Scott asks whether love can blossom even if you can't speak the same language, and hears some weird stories about how to get round the problem. Radio 1's loos continue their rise to fame, and Scott finds out Scarlett Johansson's auctioning herself for charity. Plus there's more flirt divert, and we hear from some of the contenders from Scott's new talent show, Upstaged.
Annoying Toys - 12th March 2008 Is it bad to get your own back on someone by buying their kids a really noisy present? Scott hears some ear-splitting examples, and discusses whether strip poker can ever be a good thing. Plus, there's more on Scarlett Johansson's auction, lots of strange animals, and Chappers and Dave continue their Sport Relief tour with a three-legged mile run.
Girls Secrets - 13th March 2008 Scott has discovered some slightly scary secrets of the female mind, and it sounds like girls aren't happy their secrets are out! We also hear some amusing stories of what happens when you try to look cool and it all goes horribly wrong. Plus there's more from Chappers and Dave on the Sport Relief tour, and the latest from the Upstaged contestants.
Paris and Laura: New Best Friends - 19th March 2008 Much to Laura's delight, Paris Hilton is on the hunt for a new best friend! Find out why everyone thinks that Laura's perfect for the job. Plus Chappers' beautiful singing voice is discovered, we find out if our listeners 'would' if the lady in question has loads of cash, plus Scott's new piece of advice for lovers everywhere - wash your hands after handling chillis!
Trumping Grannies - 20th March 2008 Westwood pops in, drops lots of bombs and chats up Scott. We try to find some bellringers who aren't embarrassed of their hobby and proud to be a 'campologist'. Plus Jo Whiley also drops by and chats to Scott about Upstaged and trumping grannies...
Matt Willis on the megaphone - 26th March 2008 Forget the Hawaii Chair, Scott's discovered another great invention - the Twodaloo. Matt Willis drops by and talks Loose Women, wedding music and ghost hunting, plus we get him back on the streets with a megaphone. Scott wants a Bob Crampton brolly and Chappers has a rant...
Chappers Gets Airplay - 27th March 2008 Scott and Chappers find out just how weird, or strangely nice(!), it feels to chat on the phone to someone whilst they are naked in the bath. Plus we hear some more Paris Hilton best friend wannabees including 'large and in charge' Lolagranola, and Chappers finally gets his vocal talents on the airwaves... of Currys.
Barryoke and more - 31st March 2008 We find out who you've given the Flirt Divert number to, Chappers plays Scott's new quiz, and people called Barry sing the hits of today in Barryoke!

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