May 2006 Podcasts


May 2006 Podcasts

Atomic Kitten Cribs - 8th May 2006 Painter and decorator Mike has agreed to have a snoop around Liz off of Atomic Kitten's house while he's doing some er painting and decorating. Unfortunatley for Mike - she's listening to the whole thing - oh dear.
Brokeback Westwood - 3rd May 2006 Hear what happens when Westwood joins the cast of the film Brokeback Mountain. "It's a strong look."
Busted - Danni Minogue - 4th May 2006 Would you cheat on your girlfriend if Danni Minogue asked you out? We put one relationship to the test.
Celebrity Cribs - 2nd May 2006 Scott asks listeners who have done building work in celebrity homes what they are like inside.  Hear about the homes of Duncan from Blue, Dame Judi Dench and Louise Rednapp.
Gullible Mum - 31st May 2006 Chappers calls up Scott's guillible Mum and asks her to take part in X Factor with Scott.  Bless her.
Laura speaks foreign - 22nd May 2006 Laura researches world cup songs by calling people up across Europe.  She's been given a translation so she can speak to them in their language... but the translation isn't what she expects.
Revenge eighteen years later - 30th May 2006 Lorraine Kelly helps a Bros fan take revenge on her best friend.  18 years ago the friend played an April Fool by sending her a letter saying she was going to meet Bros!  But it wasn't true.  How will Lorraine help her???
Tired and emotional - 9th May 2006 Scott on the morning's after The Brits in 2003 and winning a Sony Award this week.  Poor Scott is a little 'tired and emotional'.  Ahem.
What Fish Am I - 23rd May 2006 Scott plays Chappers new game.  Guess the fish by the clues and how it feels to hold it in your hand.  Award winning stuff.

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