May 2007 Podcasts


May 2007 Podcasts

Innuendo Bingo - 1st May 2007 More stars play our favourite game and we hear the results of Stacey's dilemma - how did they date go with the guy who has funny pictures of himself on the internet?
Lauras in the no knickers club - 2nd May 2007 Laura's in the no-knicker club - but can we sell her pictures to the papers?
The Pillow Fighting League - 3rd May 2007 The only championship league that matters - The Pillow Fighting League.
Making ladies jiggle - 9th May 2007 Were Power Plates invented to make ladies jiggle? Laura finds out. And Scott watches wrestling with Joel in a Spiderman outfit.
The Florist Game - 10th May 2007 Smashing your ex's stuff and we play 'The Florist Game'.
The On Hold Game - 11th May 2007 More pranks with the 'On Hold Game'.
Scott attempts to claim his $1 million - 14th May 2007 Scott gets another dubious email offering him a small fortune...just who falls for these scams?
Dumpings and presents - 15th May 2007 Getting dumped after giving your boyfriend his birthday present... it's not fair, is it?
Mika is our guest - 16th May 2007 We talk about Eurovision, R1's Big Weekend and play on song tapper with Mika. Scott impersonates Mika and Mika does a great Scott!
Fingers in pies - 22nd May 2007 Guess whose pie we've got our fingers in?
Seven hot things to say to a girl - 23rd May 2007 Will Scott's luck change with the ladies when he tries out his seven hot chat up lines?
Seducing with sci-fi - 25th May 2007 A lesson in how to seduce using sci-fi themes.

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