May 2008 Podcasts


May 2008 Podcasts

Lost scratch cards - 2nd May 2008 Beccy admits to picking up old scratch cards off the street just in case they're winners! Plus Wing's Big Weekend demands, Dave Pearce's strange experience in a car park, and Chappers' strange election experience.
Scotts Feeling Charitable - 7th May 2008 Scott can't say no to charity donations, so we call various people to see if he's the only one. Chappers gets asked to do another TV show, more Wing fun and someone has an accident whilst listening to our favourite tune from Yo Gabba Gabba.
Wing is here - 8th May 2008 Find out what happened when we met Wing at the airport in a limo. Plus, we annoy Matt from the Chris Moyles show by trying to spoil The Apprentice for him.
Classified Ads - 8th May 2008 Beccy's found some amazing things to buy on the internet in the classifieds. Plus, we do a Wing Ring, talk skinny dipping, find out why Chappers is like Flo Rida and find out how many kilometres of road have been built in Kent since 1996.
Wing and Nelly - 9th May 2008 Wing comes into the studio, Scott gives her a cheque for her air fare, and she hints at what her surprise song at Radio 1's Big Weekend might be. Also, Nelly drops by and tells us about his fear of flying and wanting the biggest dressing room.
Chappers is gullible - 13th May 2008 Chappers actually believes that Nelly performed YMCA at Radio 1's Big Weekend. Plus, Scott's lost the only CD of Wing's performance, more from our favourite TV show Beat The Star and Scott and Chappers head off to a swanky award ceremony!
The Drive By Egging - 15th May 2008 Find out what happened when Scott got attacked by some eggs. Plus, we mess about with Chapper's script, there's more Badly Bleeped TV, we try to get Wing to number 1 and more of Beccy's classifieds.
Gross Out Friday - 16th May 2008 We try to make each other scream, squirm and throw up with horrible clips. Plus, we find a video of Chappers dancing like David Brent on YouTube!
My Name is Scott - 16th May 2008 Scott is made to pay for his mistakes with a megaphone and an electric shock dog collar. Plus, he tries to find a hotel for the Eurovision, Vernon pops in to play Beat the Star and we name and shame celebrities who are horrible to work with.
Think On! - 20th May 2008 Scott calls random numbers he doesn't recognise in his phone and Beccy admits to texting herself pretending to be famous people. Plus, the worst places to get the giggles and the woman who leaves her date outside when he can't fit through her window!
Cake Roulette - 21st May 2008 The great new game Cake Roulette is launched - find out what happens when the team dice with death tasting cakes listeners have sent in. We hear more from the girl who's date couldn't fit his big head through her window after she locked herself out. Plus Badly Bleeped TV, the singapore ghost prank and Scott finds out he features in a book, written by his stalker...
Bumaggedon - 22nd May 2008 Scott tells all about his Bumaggedon experience, and we hear Chappers say some outrageous remarks against his footie team. Also, the things you can't resist shouting to celebrities (which they secretly love) and more of Becky's random Classified Ads. Plus, it's the return of our favourite football pundit Lloyd - dishing out sound advice on which team you should support and why...
Pop Idol or Live Lounge - 23rd May 2008 More videos of Chappers have been discovered, this time in a rather embarrassing incident with Wheatus. Plus Scott's off to Serbia for the Eurovision Song Contest (or is it for surgery?), we talk to Come Dine With Me star Tom and another classic Dutch Florist!
Come Dine With Me Tom - 27th May 2008 Scott chats with the star of last week's Come Dine With Me, Tom. Chappers tests Scott's knowledge on Serbian phrases ahead of his trip over there for the Eurovision song contest, plus another classic Barryoke.. Voulez vous coucher avec Barry? (Non)
Scotts Serbian Experience - 28th May 2008 We find out what the hotel for the "unpretentious traveller" in Belgrade was really like. Plus, someone's told Scott you can get guide pigs, is he being really gullible? And more badly bleeped TV and the the men who love their cars so much they kiss them... a lot!
Scotts New Job - 29th May 2008 Scott tells us about his new career. Plus, we listen to Greek music to make us feel like we're on holiday, Chappers gets excited in his latest acting role and more of Beccy's Classifieds.
Daves Dogging Revenge - 30th May 2008 Dave Pearce gets his own back on Scott with some eggs and we talk about phrases you really shouldn't use. Plus, there's another Pointless Survey, more Innuendo Bingo and we dare you not to laugh at a brilliant You're Sick.

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Wing is here - 8th May 2008Download
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My Name is Scott - 16th May 2008Download
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Scotts Serbian Experience - 28th May 2008Download
Scotts New Job - 29th May 2008Download
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