October 2012 Podcasts


October 2012 Podcasts

Royal Wedding Special - 1st October 2012 Chris and his mates storm the palace in today's 24 Years At The Tap End. Plus, Roger the Swedish body double, texts Beccy has sent Scott and more Real or No Real.
Innuendo Bingo With Dan And Phil - 2nd October 2012 Amazing Phil and DanIsNotOnFire, the inventors of the internet, join Scott and Chris for another festival of filth. Scott is worried that he may have been the inspiration for Bruno Mars's new song. There's some important breaking netball news, and, do celebrities feel different to the touch?
Dappy to play Bill Gates in a movie - 3rd October 2012 Or is he? Find out in our Would I Lie To You style quiz. Plus, Chris has a bad experience at school in Tap End and Dev pops in to talk about his instrument.
Scotts Night With Carl - 4th October 2012 Chris is most surprised to learn that Scott once shared a hotel with Carl Barat from The Libertines. Gemma Cairney is in to play Innuendo Bingo. She really needs to CALM DOWN! Plus, there’s more Oh What’s Occurring with Rhianna off’uv films and more of your emails in Dear Scott.
Scotts Thunderballs - 5th October 2012 We reveal our Bond Themes but who will win the challenge? Will it be Dev, Chris, Scott & Beccy or Adele? Plus, our brand new Oh! What's Occurring game, Chris's film reviews and more Missed Connections.
MillsXtra - Zayn 1D Special - 8th October 2010 Scott co-hosted a show with Zayn from One Direction on Saturday ahead of the band's big gig at the Teen Awards. We've got questions for Zany, Innuendo Bingo with Zayn, Conor Maynard talking to Zayn, Scott being interview by Zayn, Justin Bieber gossip from Zayn and loads more of Zayn being zany. If you're a fan of Zayn this will be the best podcast you've ever heard.
Stark Goes To Westminster - 8th October 2012 In Tap End it's all a bit political. Find out what happened when Chris boshed a lunch before visiting Parliament.
The Archers gets a revamp! - 9th October 2012 Chris gets frustrated with the Archers' 'cliffhanger' endings, tries to out do Adele and falls asleep on a strangers shoulder...all in a days work!
Tu Adore Une Direction - 10th October 2012 Scott and Chris have a theory that the French love it when we speak their language in our own accents. Chris has a go at chatting up a French girl with surprising results. There's more 24 Years At The Tap End, Oh What's Occurring, and Scott is considering getting show uniforms made.
Angelina Jolies Kebab - 11th October 2012 Why did listener Aimee serve Jolie a doner kebab in a field in Manchester? Hear what the haters have to say (in a stupid voice) in Scott’s feature “Lovin’ The Trolls”, plus there’s more Real Or No Real, great gossip about Adele, and your emails read by the PR4L in Dear Scott.
"Theyre Very Keen To Become A Triple" - 12th October 2012 After Chris's triumph chatting up a French on Wednesday, Scott has arranged for him to have a little surprise. Also, have you seen the girl or boy of your dreams while out and about? Maybe they thought the same about you. Find out in Missed Connections. And Danny Howard's in for a pre-weekend Oh!
Tulisa, Tap End and Trolls - 29th October 2012 Tulisa pops in to play Real or No Real, Chris takes us to his 12th year at the Tap End and more of our favourite abusive comments read out by Computer Lawrence in Loving The Trolls.
Pete Andre, Susan Boyle on the toilet and Annie Mac Innuendo Bingo! - 30th October 2012 Chris makes Annie Mac very wet, the hilarious Pete Andre talks about a new potential tour idea and more Real Or No Real.
McFly, Parrots and Organs - 31st October 2012 The lovely McFly boys join Scott to play I Have Never and Real or No Real. Plus, Scott's worried about a parrot, Beccy's organ obsession and Chris has more 24 Years At The Tap End.

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