September 2010 Podcasts


September 2010 Podcasts

TOTDS is back from his holiday - 1st September 2010 Yep, The One That Doesn't Speak is back and showing EVERYONE his holiday pics. Plus, Scott has an amazing Katy Perry announcement. There's a new Sausage Surprise on Eastenders, we raid our bosses CD collection and Scott makes it on to Urban Dictionary.
Scott proves hes faster than Usain Bolt - 2nd September 2010 Usain Bolt pops in and Scott challenges him to a race. Beccy and Laura take part in Innuendo Bingo: The Duel. Scott hides from Beccy and his estate agent under a duvet. Plus, will the people of Stupid Street lie about the first song they ever bought just to look cool?!
U CTRL KATY - 3rd September 2010 Today, we finally get to control Katy Perry and Scott is SO excited. Plus, the PR4L is back with your texts and emails in Dear Scott and we've got a new amazing get rich quick scheme!
Oh Pollocks! - 6th September 2010 Scott is moving and he's worrying he won't get his deposit back after his door and windows broke when he moved out this morning. Should he play the first Xmas song? He plays the pollock game and the P4RL does some rapping.
Call centre urban myths - 7th September 2010 Mills dispells the myths of call centres. Yes, they do get really stupid questions. Also have you got a friend that has no boundaries? Greg James plays the Press 1 Game.
You is so on telly! - 8th September 2010 Scott finds himself in the middle of a real life Little Britain sketch. Plus is Bungaroosh a real word? He's convinced Sarah Beeny's making it up. And he's also a bit disturbed by your TV tastes after the latest round of innuendo bingo.
OMG Its Actual JLS - 9th September 2010 Scott catches up with JLS: Have they changed since The X Factor and become all showbiz? They talk about safe sex, their new album and taking photos of each other topless. More Dear Scott goodness and R-Patz has been made into a 'Manllow' and now Scott wants one too!!
Jabba the Hutt vs. Peggy Mitchell - 13th September 2010 Scott talks Australian TV telling you exactly how it is, trending on Twitter, keeping secrets and Jabba the Hutt vs. Peggy Mitchell - what more could you want??
In Between the Inbetweeners - 14th September 2010 Scott catches up with the cast of the Inbetweeners; they chat speedy boarding, filming in Malia and the show going to America.  And Scott asks all the important questions, does Pixie Lott gasp when singing?  Has he stumbled upon Italy's version of the X Factor? And has he found the best laugh in the world eva?
The most infectious laugh in the world eva. Probably. - 15th September 2010 Elaine Paige off of Radio 2 literally has the best laugh in the world eva, but how infectious is it? Scott's also noticed that Misha Barton seems to have dropped her, like, LA accent and picked up a British one - check out LA Misha vs. UK Misha. Plus Coxipedia and should there be a National Talk Like A Pilot Day?
Nadine Coyle off of Girls Aloud! - 16th September 2010 Nadine Coyle brings in her debut solo single 'Insatiable' and exclusively reveals that she's engaged to her American football cornerback boyfriend Jason Bell! Amazin.
Plus Auton Tune the News, Coxipedia and Jemma off of Essex tackles Hollywood voice overs.
Unlucky Gary needs a new name - 17th September 2010 Unlucky Gary hopes a new name will end all his troubles. And Scott has been dancing with Enrique Iglesias, like you do.
Its Only Bley Friday - 20th September 2010 Scott is so excited it's the weekend that he's going to scream all over some music for you. Plus, Unlucky Gary wants to change his name and Scott's found an Italian Sara Cox... very strange indeed.
Gary McFly - 21st September 2010 Scott's friend Gary has filled out the forms and is one step closer to becoming Mr McFly. Plus, Carol off the weather breathing heavily, men loving Taylor Swift, Coxipedia, Innuendo Bingo and celebrities who ran faster than Scott in the Great North Run.
Annoying Matt Fincham - 22nd September 2010 Matt hasn't got a tv at the moment, so we call him with some plot spoilers of his favourite shows. Sara Cox is back with more amazing facts, we play another round of Who's That Tweeting and Scott's got man flu which might get him out of moving a piano.
I thought you liked Tina Turner?! - 23rd September 2010 You know the things you buy to impress people? Listener Laura's been on and she managed to get it completely wrong. Plus, Jamie Oliver's amazing new song, Jeremy Kyle getting stressed, buying perfume for your mum, Coxipedia and Don't Tell The Bride.
Jeremy Kyle Mash Up - 24th September 2010 The One That Doesn't Speak has made an amazing Jeremy Kyle song. Will it be Christmas No. 1? Scott gets scared by a punch bag. Matt Fincham annoys Beccy a LOT. Plus, Coxipedia and the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads your text and emails in Dear Scott.
Scotts New Lighter - 27th September 2010 Scott had an incident in the bank today after his lighter (for candles) fell out in reception. Plus, another incredible IOBF and the real reason Scott fancies himself as a dalek.
Unlucky Garys Legal Problem - 28th September 2010 Poor Unlucky Gary, he's changed his name to McFly and now the band's lawyers are after him. Plus, Scott's going to a comedy night, Sara Cox teaches you stuff in Coxipedia and there's been a left in the Radio 1 building.
Albums to do stuff to... - 29th September 2010 There's an album for everything these days, so Scott and Beccy come up with their own. Find out what happened at the comedy night, Scott watches TV really quickly, JLC loves Chicago, pretending you're on honeymoon and a massive fail on Australia's Next Top Model.
@TOTDS - 30th September 2010 The One That Doesn't Speak wants more Twitter followers than Ashton Kutcher! Plus, 3Oh!3 pop in for a chat, Beccy annoys Matt Fincham and Sarah Beeny's been at it again, trying to sneak more words into her show.

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