September 2011 Podcasts


September 2011 Podcasts

Cake Calls! - 1st September 2011 Chris call's some cake shops to request some special messages on top. The PRFL is on with your Dear Scott's answering your queries about camping in the garden and student Come Dine With Me and Lee Nelson pops in to see Scott.
Beccy Interviews JT And Mila Kunis! - 2nd September 2011 It's only Bley Friday! Beccy interviews Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis asking all the important questions like...What do I do next and show me your massage face.
FAQs - Can I Bring My Horse? - 5th September 2011 Scott tries to trick Zane, Dom and his friend Chris in the 'You Left Your Phone In The Studio' Game. Scott catches up with David Walliams on his Big Splash Challenge for Sport Relief. The nation is missing Friends on TV so Scott has a plan to make his show 'The New Home Of Friends' and in FAQ's - Can I bring my horse?
The One With The Monkey & Pixie Lott - 6th September 2011 Pixie Lott is in playing Ass or Elbow will she win and become a Democratic Republic Of Sao Tome, Dobra (or STD) Millionaire? We find out how David Walliams is doing in his Thames swim. It's Friends Episode 1 as the new home of Friends; Scott plays a different episode each day.
Weird Accents - 7th September 2011 Do other people put on weird accents when making normal phone calls or is it just Scott's flatmate? After the success of Friends nothing get's the ratings up like a period drama, so back by popular demand DJ 1Xtra's Charlie Sloth stars as Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice! Scott plays David Walliams his song request of 'Abba - Dancing Queen' to try and cheer him up on his Thames Swim. Finally, we recommend you don’t play Innuendo Bingo when you’re dressed up for a Birthday night out as two of our lovely listeners find out.
David Walliams, Baked Beans & PR4L - 8th September 2011 Scott chats with David Walliams about beans, The PR4L reads out your thoughts and 1Xtra's Charlie Sloth displays more skill with his impressions!
More David Walliams flirting - 9th September 2011 Scott does a brilliant IOBF, he also speaks to David Walliams on his 5th day in the Thames and finds another ABBA track for him!
Grimmy: Walliams Finishes His Thames Swim - 12th September 2011 Nick Grimshaw is in for Scott Mills for two weeks. Grimmy congratulates David Walliams with Abba as he completes all 140 Miles of his Thames Swim. He has Tin Whistle Vs Beat Boxing in auditions for the Teen Awards Advert, plays Whose That Tweeting and makes the most of his evenings off by planning a boy's night with Greg James.
Grimmy: Bad Seduction - 13th September 2011 Grimmy talks about the worst seduction songs that might come on at an inappropriate moment when your MP3 player is on shuffle. The teen award auditions continue with a trombone/guitar mash up and Smooth Talking Dan is on to play the comments game.
Grimmy: Totes Inappropes - 14th September 2011 You tell Nick your totally inappropriate stories and it's all about regrets on Stupid Street. Nick speaks to more talented street dancing and mandolin playing teens for the Teen Awards trail. Kelly Clarkson is our mystery guest talking and laughing about her dogs, rubbish Christmas presents and The Kardashians.
Grimmy: Questions For Jedward - 15th September 2011 Jedward bombard the studio with their, well...Jedward-ness and help solve listeners problems. Nick plays ‘Whose That Tweeting’ and there are more damp listeners in Innuendo Bingo.
Grimmy: Friday Fashion Fix - 16th September 2011 It’s Friday with the Wonder Years and Grimmy gets you Ready For The Weekend. Gemma Cairney is on to talk all things London Fashion Week and to play ‘Front Row, Second Row or Standing’ with your celebrity suggestions.
Grimmy: And Only Actual Britney Spears!!! - 19th September 2011 Grimmy interviews actual Britney Spears. He also wants to get 1000 Scott Mills Points by the end of the weeks so plays Stupid Street and how many times do Jedward say ok.
Grimmy: Tuesday Big Shop - 20th September 2011 After playing Whose That Tweeting, Grimmy tries to get Cheryl Cole to tweet him back. He also talks about his new favourite programme Homes Under The Hammer (HUTH) and it’s presenter Martin Roberts gets in touch with us.
Grimmy: Cher Lloyd And A Celeb Dinner - 21st September 2011 Grimmy has had a big celeb dinner with Annie Mac and about seven others: the most random group of people you could imagine. Cher Lloyd WASN'T one of them, but she's in for a real long chat ahead of her next single anyway, so no matter!
Grimmy: Dinner with One Direction - 22nd September 2011 Grimmy's been at another celeb dinner, this time with One Direction! We've got some exclusive news about Liam having a wee. Also, it's Thursday so Dear Scott is, for one week, Dear Grimmy. All your problems solved.
Grimmy: One Direction Obsession - 23rd September 2011 Grimmy's obsession with One Direction has run out of control this week, so we've decided to bring the point home to him with a very special Scott Mills Points game. Also, who's his favourite? Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis... or maybe Harry Styles?
Scotts Back For Fun With Freshers - 26th September 2011 Scott's back from his hols with plenty of tales to tell. Plus, as it's Freshers' week at loads of Unis, we have some fun with a nervous newby and his even more nervous mother!
Nick Knowles and Innuendo Bingo - 27th September 2011 Nick Knowles, *friend of the show* joins us for a catch up. He's had a rather nasty accident whilst naked baking. Also, it's time for another Innuendo Bingo. This time it's Innuendo Bingo: The Fountains as Becky is worried Chris is contagious.
"I Dont Want A Flat In Ipswich" - 28th September 2011 You remember Nick from Monday? He prank called his mum and now mum's been back on wanting REVENGE. Get ready to feel your skin crawl during his mum's brilliant wind-up. Plus, what words do Stupid Street find it difficult to say?
Harry Styless Shampoo - 30th September 2011 Scott's been on to Harry Styles to ask about his haircare. As you do. And Beccy got REALLY hungry on the way home last night and asked a stranger if she could have one of her chips. Should he have said yes? Should she even have asked? What are the moral implications here? It's an ethical minefield. There's only one man to investigate: Scott's mate Chris.

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