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Rebecca 'Beccy' Huxtable

All about the newest girl on the show...

Rebecca Huxtable - better known as Beccy to listeners - was born on the 12th August in Taunton, Somerset. She currently resides outside of London in Reading with her boyfriend and became the Assistant Producer for The Scott Mills Show in April 2008 after working with Sara Cox.

Beccy has always wanted to work in radio – as the clips of her on BBC Radio 5 as a child prove. She began her career in radio with work experience at a local radio station in Somerset before going to university in Bournemouth to do a journalism degree. In her spare time she worked for 2CRfm – a station that became Heart in the recent shake-up of local radio.

After working freelance at Virgin Radio (now Absolute) she tried her hand at news reading before travelling the world. Upon returning to Britain she sent in a CV to Radio 1 and was given a “couple of days freelance work” at Yalding House. She has worked with a variety of presenters but was most notable for her work with Sara Cox on weekends. In April 2008 she took over from Laura Sayers as the Assistant Producer on The Scott Mills Show. She had made one or two brief appearances on the show before as 'Beccy off of the office' when a female voice was unavailable.

Beccy became an essential part of the show after the success of Beccy's Classifieds - a weekly feature where she selects the best purchases available online - and through the pranks call made by Chappers to her work phone and her awful attempts for revenge on Chappers.

The advent of Oh What's Occurring in June 2008 also boosted her popularity on the show as she took on Chappers in guessing the outcome of the situation posed to them by Scott.

She also became part of an on-going running joke that she looked like Matt Lucas in a photograph where she appeared alongside Scott and Katy Perry. The photographic evidence can be found here. In March 2009, Beccy appeared with Lucas in a photograph after he visited the show with David Walliams.

In September 2008, the show launched Becky Cam, a feature that saw Beccy being consistently monitored in the office by internet viewers. It returned in May 2009 a week before Radio 1's Big Weekend in Swindon. The cameras were taken to Swindon and many celebrities got in on the action which was broadcast from a backstage cabin.

Most recently, the team searched for Beccy's talent after discovering the only thing she is possibly good at is a game of 'tug of war'. The feature - What's Beccy's Forté? - was launched in May 2009.

Beccy answered some questions for Unofficial Mills. Click here to read her responses!