Radio 1 finally plays Rihanna’s S&M


Radio 1 finally plays Rihanna’s S&M


As the furore over Rihanna’s S&M continues to dominate the news today, BBC Radio 1 finally chose to the play the song in full during the daytime.

Despite previously banning the song from the playlist and waiting for a censored version of the song before playing it, the station took a u-turn earlier.

The song was played out during Fearne Cotton‘s morning show – at a time when producers believed most children were at school and would not be listening.

According to Radio 1’s Newsbeat the text reaction was positive with only a few disgruntled listeners complaining about the choice.

The official line, however, remains: “We will continue to play the original track in specialist shows with an appropriate introduction. It is common practice to play radio edits of certain tracks in daytime”.

Some music fans are now questioning whether Rihanna’s “outrage” over the new radio edit – which her label actually produced – was just a publicity stunt or not.