Rihanna’s S&M banned from daytime output


Rihanna’s S&M banned from daytime output


It’s not unexpected but BBC Radio 1 have banished Rihanna‘s latest song from the playlist refusing to play it during the daytime.

Based on the name of single – S&M – you might have a good idea what the song will be about, and the video and lyrics does nothing to detract from that belief:

“Sticks and stones, may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.”

MTV have considered a re-edit, most of Southern Asia have banned it completely and BBC Radio 1 bosses won’t add it to the playlist.

However, sources claim that it will be allowed a play after 7pm, meaning that you might hear it once or twice if Nick Grimshaw’s evening show have an open-mind about it.

Radio 1 said: “We are waiting for an edited version before deciding whether it will be played in the daytime.”