Matt Edmondson robbed as Xtra Factor host!


Matt Edmondson robbed as Xtra Factor host!


If you follow our Twitter updates, you’ll have noted last week that we announced Matt Edmondson was to be host of the Xtra Factor, ITV2’s spin-off show for the X Factor.

Sadly the Radio 1 presenter has since been ditched and snubbed by the show, who have announced today that they are opting for Caroline Flack and Olly Murs instead.

The decision has sparked outrage on Unofficial Mills, and on showbiz forums across the world wide web, from those who marvelled at Matt’s funny stints with The ‘F’ Factor in the previous series.

Matt seems to be taking the news with good humour on his Twitter account, and the upside is that The ‘F’ Factor might return in this series. You can bet that if it doesn’t, we might just end up wishing Konnie Huq was still the presenter. Oh the shame!