Jameela Jamil to dress as a chicken for a whole month


Jameela Jamil to dress as a chicken for a whole month


There isn’t a week that goes by when Jameela Jamil isn’t featured in the fashion pages of the glossy magazines, so girls of a jealous nature may enjoy the unique way that Radio 1’s newest recruit is raising money for Comic Relief.

Jameela is asking fans to donate to her fundraising page with the promise that if she raises £50,000 by March 15 she will wear the chicken suit (left) for a whole month.

Last night she announced: “I’m going to reduce my dwindling sex factor by wearing a full chicken suit for a month to all work and events IF I raise £50,000 for Red Nose Day 2013 to change lives both here in the UK and in Africa. And that’s where you come in. If you sponsor me, you’ll be helping to make the world of difference.”

She later tweeted: “I will wear the chicken suit 15th march – 15th april. (so essentially I wont get laid 15th march-15th april) Donate!”

Last month fellow Radio 1 DJ Greg James helped raise nearly £220,000 after completing the the Hell and High Water Challenge of rafting down the Zambezi.