World Cup Commentary Bingo


World Cup Commentary Bingo


If you’re watching Tuesday’s Mexico vs Brazil game on the red button with Chris and Scott why not download and print out our #R1commentary bingo card?

We’ve included some of the memorable stuff that happened on Friday night that might just crop up again on Tuesday evening.

Whether it’s Chris regularly saying “of course” to Scott or Chris talking about the size of the monitor they’re watching the game on. We’re sure one of them will mention the Psychic’s 9.10 moment, and Gary Linkear on BBC 1.

Every time they mention one of these things you might down a favourite drink (alcoholic or not), eat a favourite sweet or food, or even follow the show’s lead and eat a chilli…

Listen to the Alternative World Cup coverage online or on the red button from 7.50pm. You can also listen back to audio of Friday’s match here.