Scott Mills says he is ‘a little bit in denial’ about leaving Radio 1


Scott Mills says he is ‘a little bit in denial’ about leaving Radio 1


Radio presenter Scott Mills has said he is “a little bit in denial” that he and his BBC Radio 1 co-presenter Chris Stark are leaving the network.

On Friday it was announced that the pair, who became popular thanks to a number of humorous segments including Innuendo Bingo, would be stepping down from presenting their Radio 1 daytime slot in August.

Speaking about the news live on air on Monday afternoon, Stark, 35, said: “I feel very weird because I think when you sign up to Radio 1 you always know at some point you’re going to leave.

“But I would have dealt on this, if you told me back then that we would have done everything that we have got to do.

“I am super proud.

“I don’t want to go too deep right now because there’ll be another time for that

“But I am super proud of us.

“I’m super proud of you.

“So it’s a whole mix of emotions.”

Mills added: “I am so proud of you, and I’m so proud of what we have done together.

“Let’s not get emotional now, that’s for another time.

“But I’m feeling weird.

“I’m also feeling a little bit in denial that this is actually happening, but apparently it is.”

He went on to explain the decision behind asking Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi to announce the news of their departure.

Capaldi, 25, recorded a video of himself sharing the news, which was subsequently shared on social media.

Mills said: “So on Friday, we put a video out telling everyone some news that we have known for a little while, but I hate confrontation, so we got Lewis Capaldi to do it instead.”

Stark, who joined Mills as a co-presenter on the show in 2012, continued: “We were in the pub and we were trying to work out, how can we actually break this news because it’s a big deal for us.

“There’s obviously bigger things going on in the world. But we wanted to do the right thing by the announcement…

“The original idea was to hire Carole Baskin to do a Cameo.”

Mills added: “You know, you can get those video messages from celebrities but you have to pay, so I did look into Carole from Big Cat Rescue doing one, 200 quid? I’m not spending that.”

“No,” Stark continued, “So we we didn’t go with Carole for the breaking news.

“We thought, not who’s the next best thing, but we thought who sums us up best, who’s the person we could get to do it?”

Mills replied, “And the first person we thought of, apart from Carole, was Lewis…

“Some people think this is a prank because this show is known for being stupid, and pranking a lot.

“But it isn’t. And also, I’d like to say that we haven’t been fired, which a lot of people are thinking.”

The BBC have announced Mills will be moving to BBC Radio 2, where he will take over the 2-4pm slot, which is currently held by Steve Wright, who has presented Steve Wright In The Afternoon on the Radio 2 slot since 1999.

While Stark is leaving to focus on presenting That Peter Crouch Podcast and his podcast with chef Tom Kerridge The Pirate Ship.

After joining the BBC in 1998, Mills presented the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show until 2004 after which he moved to a weekend afternoon slot for six months.

He currently presents the Scott Mills show on Radio 1 between 1pm and 4pm, along with co-presenter Stark, as well as The Official Chart Show on a Friday since 2018.

Later in Monday afternoon’s programme Mills and Stark also revealed they do not know who will be replacing them as hosts on BBC Radio 1 but will find out live on air with the British public on Tuesday afternoon.

Responding to the question of who will take over from the presenting duo when they step down from their daytime slot Mills said: “It’s a very good question.

“And we actually don’t know, which makes it more exciting and I’m well up for this.

“I think they’re deciding right now.

“So we’re all going to find out tomorrow together on Radio 1 at two o’clock.

“So there’s going to be a big reveal.”

Stark added: “That’s going to be weird isn’t it.

“So the people or person that will be replacing us will come in?”

“Yes,” Mills replied.

“Let’s do it like when they do the new contestants on Strictly, because we honestly don’t know, so let’s find out together tomorrow at 2pm.”