April 2011 Podcasts


April 2011 Podcasts

Joey Essex says "Hola"! - 1st April 2011 The Only Way Is Essex's finest, Joey Essex, has been boasting about his mastery of the Spanish language - he can say hello and everything. More Showbiz Sleaze and Stupid Street from Smooth Talkin Dan. And Beccy's hopes of becoming the new 'forces sweetheart' are raised after a lot of boudoir action!
Marv, Merv, Murph? - 5th April 2011 Scott went out with The Wombats on Friday night... unfortunately he got Murph's name wrong all night. Plus, Scott's got to make a show about Lady Gaga, more from our fave car saleswoman Gemma, Smooth Talking Dan on Stupid Street and our amazing A-Z of Pete Tong.
Record Shop Game - 6th April 2011 Remember the book shop game? Scott's brought it back, but this time he's trying to find an old album he wrote. Plus, laughing at jokes when you only hear the punchline, more on our Lady Gaga programme and it's all going off in Beccy's home town of Bridgwater.
Look, heres the score... - 7th April 2011 Would you go out with a man who sent you a list of options for your relationship on email?! Plus, Scott's been spotted with a mystery man, a lot of nothing, Beccy's amazing Show & Tell and Innuendo Bingo: The Duel.
Dionne Bromfield - 8th April 2011 Dionne Bromfield pops in for a chat and tells us what it's like having Amy Winehouse as her godmother. Plus, the Posh Radio 4 lady reads out your Dear Scotts and win yourself some Scott Mills Points, thanks to Matt Edmondson's strange interview technique.
Its Only Bley Friday - 11th April 2011 Scott screams over some classical music to celebrate the start of the weekend and thanks to Zane Lowe, Beccy's been getting a lot of weird phone calls.
Now, check your pulse! - 12th April 2011 Loads of you are in revision hell at the moment so Scott and Beccy try to help. Plus, Chris is setting up his own sports channel, the latest on our Lady Gaga programme and will Marv off the Wombats agree to change his name?
Billie Piper - 13th April 2011 Billie Piper pops in for a chat and decides she wants Beccy's job. Plus, Smooth Talking Dan has some interest from a lady and Scott tries to help you with your French revision.
Magma, Lava, Rock! - 14th April 2011 Chris attempts to teach GCSE Geography at a Comedy Night... but will volcanoes actually make people laugh?! Plus, we persuade more quality celebs to take part in our Lady Gaga programme and another chance to win some Scott Mills Points involving some very large organs.
Scott joins the circus - 15th April 2011 The fair has come to town, but Scott's worried he's going to meet the man of his dreams and end up joining the circus. Plus, Chris tells us more about his favourite TV show "Cafe Des Reves" and the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Its Only Bley Friday - 18th April 2011 Yesss babes! The weekend has arrived and Scott is off on holiday so he's very excited.
Sara Cox sits in for some Royal Wedding fun - 27th April 2011 It's the week of Kate and Will's wedding so we're playing a game with the catchy title "Invited Or Not?" (wonder what that could be about?) Plus, some ladies having a little too much fun with church bells in Buckleberry and all the over-dramatic goings-on in Masterchef.
Sara Cox & some weird weddings! - 28th April 2011 Saz continues to sit in while Scott's away. With two days left til the Royal Wedding, Sara tries to help another couple plan their wedding with strange ideas from weddings in other countries. Plus, if you're still waiting for an invite to Kate and Will's wedding, perhaps a regal name might help you get an invite...

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