March 2011 Podcasts


March 2011 Podcasts

Jennifer Lopez on the phone! - 1st March 2011 Jennifer Lopez chats to Scott Mills about whether she's going to be a judge in next years X Factor or not. And is Greg James really BBC Radio 1's Charlie Sheen?
Willow Smith in the Studio - 2nd March 2011 Willow Smith chats to Scott Mills about falling asleep in a meeting with Jay-Z, being friends with Lady Gaga and what songs of her Dad's she likes best. Plus there's a lot more than Scott Mills Points at stake for Scott's friend Chris after losing a game!
Dear Scott Thursday! - 3rd March 2011 Scott Mills and his friend Chris head to the Post Office to see if anyone will join in with a Home and Away sing-a-long. Plus an update on whether Greg James really is the new Charlie Sheen.
Its only actual bley Friday! - 4th March 2011 A screamy Scott Mills waltz into the weekend. Plus the best bits of this week's podcasts, just in case you missed them!
Scott considers eating in the bath - 7th March 2011 Scott finds out the listeners quite like eating in the bath. We explore TV theme tunes sung by the famous people from the actual programme and we listen to the Time Team say Slag (A product of smelting) lots!
Nicole Scherzinger - 9th March 2011 Nicole Scherzinger pops in and ends up hanging out for ages, even playing Stupid Street. Plus, Scott's friend Chris is still looking for a job - will he ever find one?!
Woop Woop! Beccys Back - 10th March 2011 Beccy returns from her well deserved break to play Word Dissociation and Innuendo Bingo: The Duel. Plus, Smooth Talking Dan has been out on Stupid Street asking them to sign some Terms & Conditions. Will they read them first? They could be in for a surprise if they don't!
Home and Away... in the hairdressers - 11th March 2011 Scott and Chris burst into song in the local hairdressers, but will people sing along? Plus, Professor Brian Cox is making us all a bit depressed and the Posh Radio 4 lady has your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Its Only Bley Bradley Cooper - 14th March 2011 The Hangover star Bradley Cooper drops in to talk about his latest film Limitless and Scott does an incredible Only Bley Friday Miami style.
Dog names and Beccys dreams - 15th March 2011 Why do some dogs have stage names?! Scott wants one now too. Plus, Chris analyses Beccy's dream about a chicken, Scott's got problems with a woman in his car and lots of Scott Mills Points are given away in our new game, Chief, Crapper or More Tea Vicar.
Scotts Hit Music Factory - 16th March 2011 After watching Rebecca Black's music video online, Scott decides to become a pop mogul. Who will be his first signing? Plus, Smooth Talking Dan is back on Stupid Street and has Beccy got a new job directing Eastenders?
BBC Radio 1s Longest Show Ever - 17th March 2011 Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave take over the Scott Mills show as part of Radio 1's Longest Show Ever for Comic Relief. Scott gets Chris and Dave to play Word Dissociation, Beccy soaks Dave in Innuendo Bingo: The Duel and Paul O'Grady pops in to show his support.
BBC Radio 1s Longest Show Ever - 18th March 2011 Yep, they're still going! Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave take over the Scott Mills show as part of Radio 1's Longest Show Ever for Comic Relief. Plus, Olly Murs and Dave finally get revenge on Beccy in an amazing Innuendo Bingo 3 Way.
Were on the Breakfast Show - 21st March 2011 Chris Moyles is having a well deserved sleep so Scott's getting up early to entertain you for the next two weeks. The PR4L reads your Dear Scotts, Beccy does Show & Tell, Smooth Talking Dan hits Stupid Street and we're loving Kirk and Gemma from The Only Way Is Essex.
Frisky & Mannish do their crazy covers - 22nd March 2011 Becky's been very excited about comedy covers band Frisky and Mannish. Hear their crazy covers of Peter Andre and Whigfield! There's also chat about Smooth Talking Dan's dating technique, Chris's weird headphone habits and more of your emails in Dear Scott.
The Hoff LIVE & STD plays "The Game" - 23rd March 2011 Scott has crammed actual David Hasselhoff into a taxi and despatched him to Radio 1 for a special chat. Will he make it in time for the end of the show? Plus, Smooth Talking Dan has been learning how to pull in the ladies using "The Game". Hear how things went on his first practical.
Our Amazing New Show - Its Chris! - 24th March 2011 We finally reveal Chris's new fly on the wall documentary and it's... um... well, you can decide. Plus Scott in a jacuzzi, Beccy's Pitbull rap, Dan's Showbiz Sleaze, more mash ups and the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads more of your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
Bye Bye Jo Whiley - 25th March 2011 We’ve been on to the lookalike agencies about Becky and Scott getting work as Kate and Wills… and we’ve had some success! Becky works her magic on a Busta Rhymes rap and this weekend is Jo Whiley’s last on Radio 1 – we look back at some of our favourite bits of Scott and Jo over the past few years.
Mr Shue from Glee for Scotts birthday - 29th March 2011 Matthew Morrison from Glee suprises Scott for his birthday which also features messages from Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj! Scott spent the evening engrossed in The Only Way Is Essex. But who is the Prime Minister of Essex??
"Its Chris" goes to BBC Three - 29th March 2011 Scott's mate Chris's incredibly exciting and action-packed fly-on-the-wall doc is ready to get commissioned by a proper TV channel. Chris and Smooth Talkin' Dan are off to the headquarters of BBC Three to make the pitch. Plus, Scott's fallen in love with Louie Spence's new TV show.
Big Weekend location & line up revealed - 30th March 2011 Scott, Beccy and STD are in a mystery school somewhere in the UK - it's in the town which will be hosting this year's Radio 1 Big Weekend. Scott hosts an amazing assembly for the school with rapping teachers!
Waking Up On The Train Face - 31th March 2011 Scott's revealed his Waking Up On The Train Face to the team - how embarrasing! Lady Gaga has left us a message about the Big Weekend, but it seems to have been recorded in her toilet. And while we're still on Breakfast, why not another paper review from STD?!

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