April 2012 Podcasts


April 2012 Podcasts

The Best Bits of 4-7pm - 2nd April 2012 Scott celebrates the end of his 4-7pm show with some screaming over music and a huge compilation of all his best bits.
Innuendo Bingo - 3rd April 2012 Innuendo Bingo returns for another spectacular soaking. Plus, Scott wants to be 1D's manager, Beccy raps another west country classic and Chris plays mousetrap minefield in Oh! What's Occurring?
Excuse me, Ive got terrible wind... - 4th April 2012 Chris tries out some tricks to get people to give up their seat. Plus, Scott's eating problems, Beccy rapping Nicki Minaj and Oh! What's Occurring.
Beccys Texts - 5th April 2012 Scott gets his own back on Beccy by reading out her texts in Show and Tell. Plus, Chris gets egged in Oh! What's Occurring and more rapping from Beccy.
Fangirl Natalie - 6th April 2012 Natalie introduces the show, but it turns out she has another reason for calling us. Plus, Rihanna fancies Scott, Oh! What's Occurring and the best of this week's Innuendo Bingo.
Tap End Gold - 9th April 2012 Scott relives the best of 24 Years at the Tap End and recalls the time Chris went on a German exchange trip. There's some Aussie love for names on coffee cups in Dear Scott. Plus, more amazing rapping from Beccy and the team find out which TV show Scott will be on next.
Homes Under The Hammer - 10th April 2012 Beccy has been watching loads of episodes of Homes Under The Hammer and stumbled across some epic music choices. There’s a pizza eating challenge in Tap End Gold, Plus, Justin Bieber news, more from Dear Scott and find out why Mary Portas is getting her knickers in a twist in Oh! What's Occurring?
Adele Who? - 11th April 2012 Would you dump someone because they don’t know who megastar Adele is? Clare off of London did and phoned Scott to explain why. Scott & Beccy think Harry Styles has made the ultimate fashion faux pas as he attempts to rock the ‘wet hair’ look. Plus, more Tap End Gold, Dear Scott and Beccy raps Ed Sheeran.
Harry Styles Nipple-Gate - 12th April 2012 There’s more news from One Direction who are causing a stir in Australia with Harry Styles' apparent FOUR nipples?? Early mornings are starting to drive Scott, Beccy & Chris a bit crazy. Chris has been seeing romantic films on his own, Beccy has been marvelling at Michelle Obama's one arm press-ups and Scott managed to lock himself in his house?! Plus, Beccy raps David Guetta and Chris gets his first ever massage in Kavos in more Tap End Gold. Also, Frisky & Manish pop in for a sing song.
Let the Battle Commence! - 13th April 2012 It’s G Munni Vs. Huxta Rhymes as Grimmy challenges Beccy in the ultimate rap battle. Chris tries his first ever peach in Show & Tell – will he vom? There’s more Aussie One Direction news & Scott’s obsession with pavlova continues. We ask Stupid Street for the greatest invention ever in Oh! What's Occurring? Plus more Tap End Gold, Dear Scott and the lovely Sara Cox critiques today's show.
Nice... er... mangos? - 16th April 2012 Beccy has a theory about carrying melons, but she forgot them so tries to prove it with mangoes instead. Plus, 24 Years At The Tap End, fancying Mary Poppins and more Oh! What's Occurring.
Conor Maynard - 17th April 2012 Conor takes a break from hanging out with huge US stars to chat to Scott. Plus, 24 Years at the Tap End, Oh What's Occurring and a brilliant Show & Tell from Chris.
Oh my days, is that Hugh Grant? - 18th April 2012 A lot of people are saying Chris looks like Hugh Grant. Really?! Plus, more football banter, familiar songs in foreign languages and Beccy raps Dappy.
Beccys Wardrobe Malfunction - 19th April 2012 Beccy suffers a career low when something pops out during Innuendo Bingo. Plus, Scott wants to wear a uniform, there's a bad incident with sun cream in Tap End and lols with the Bantersaurus Rex.
Chris' Fishy Face - 20th April 2012 Chris gets some fish in the face as part of today's Oh! What's Occurring. Plus, more from 24 Years At The Tap End, Beccy Raps and some Take That singing in Spanish.
Chris' Simon Cowell haircut - 30th April 2012 Have you ever taken a celebrity's photo into the hairdressers for inspiration? Scott has, and he reckons that's the way forward for Chris's new style. To make up for Chris's embarrassing new middle parting, Scott tries to wangle him a free holiday. Also today, Greg James plays Oh! What's Occurring?... and gets wet, of course.

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