March 2012 Podcasts


March 2012 Podcasts

Our Guetta Song is almost ready... 1st March 2012 Chris has laid down his vocals, but Beccy is holding the whole thing up with her rap. Plus, the comments game, a random crazy note and more on Scott dancing for Sport Relief.
Nudie Pens - 2nd March 2012 Chris goes to France in today's 24 Years At The Tap End to buy some rude stationery. Plus, Bish Bash Bosh in French, Beccy's rap for our Guetta style song and Dear Scott.
Olly Murs - 5th March 2012 Olly calls us for a chat about Let's Dance for Sport Relief. Plus, an actual firewalker introduces the show and Scott screams over the Rocky theme tune in honour of John Bishop.
Will Chris lie for Beccy? - 6th March 2012 Beccy has applied to be a weather presenter, but will Chris back up the lies on her CV. Plus, tiger bites, Let's Dance for Sport Relief reaction and it's Scott's turn for Show & Tell.
Innuendo Bingo - 7th March 2012 It's a very wet one today and even Scott loses it! Plus, Scott becomes a film reviewer and more 24 Years At The Tap End.
Stooshe - 8th March 2012 The girls from Stooshe pop in and Scott finally gets a tour of their bus. Plus, lads weekends, random faces and win some Scott Mills Points in our game - Real Facebook group... or not?
The Worlds Hottest Chilli - 9th March 2012 Beccy and Chris are challenged to eat the World's Hottest Chilli in the name of science. Plus, the Posh Radio 4 Lady has your Dear Scott's and is the final ever 24 Years At The Tap End?
Naked Zip Wiring - 12th March 2012 John introduces the show today and tells us about his naked zip wire incident. Plus, Chris has a sore bum and Scott celebrates the start of the weekend in his own unique style.
Its Chriss Birthday... - 13th March 2012 Chris is 25 today, so Scott and Beccy prank call him. He's not amused.
Mile High Club - World Premiere - 14th March 2012 Scott finally plays us his new David Guetta style dance track. Plus, eating your height in sandwiches, Tap End and Innuendo Bingo.
Science and Business... - 15th March 2012 Greg is back in with more experiments and our favourite businessman / diet guru, Brian Butterfield, pops in for a chat.
Speakerphone Love Convo - 16th March 2012 Scott's been hearing some things he wishes he hadn't at the late night petrol station, plus more 24 Years At The Tap End and plenty of Dear Scotts.
The Torbay VIP Challenge - 17th March 2012 Scott sets the teams a very silly Mills-style challenge as they compete to win a ticket to the big Radio 1 Torbay show for them and all their mates. Plus, Scott's wondering whether he can come to work in pyjamas, and there's a very cheesy edition of Oh! What's Occurring.
Scott Learns About Bras - 19th March 2012 It's Mothers' Day on Sunday so naturally, Scott's learning about bra sizes. Errr, yeah. It's Friday isn't it? We can only apologise.
Scotts Mothers Day Fail - 20th March 2012 Scott thought he was doing something lovely for his mum, but it didn't go down too well. Plus, a Justin Bieber musical challenge...
Beccys Bieber Song... - 21st March 2012 Justin Bieber has a new track but no one's heard it yet - Beccy predicts how it will sound. Plus, some very wet Innuendo Bingo and more from Chris's autobiography.
One Direction - 22nd March 2012 Liam from the group chats to Scott about their love for their UK fans. Plus, Scott's version of the Justin Bieber track and Greg is back with more science fun.
Usher pops in... - 23rd March 2012 Usher joins Scott in the studio for a chat and encourages Beccy on her Sport Relief mile. Plus, Dear Scott and more from Chris's autobiography.
Dishwasher Fish - 28th March 2012 Scott and Chris discuss alternative methods of cooking, there's some Tom Jones tan envy and the penultimate 24 Years At The Tap End.
B.O.B - 29th March 2012 Rap superstar B.O.B pops in for a chat and listener Emma introduces the show with a story about drunken cats!
Rihanna - 30th March 2012 Rihanna pops in for a chat with Scott. Plus, the season finale of 24 Years at the Tap End and more of your emails in Dear Scott.

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