August 2006 Podcasts


August 2006 Podcasts

The Baby Mindreader - 1st August 2006 Reading the minds of those that cannot speak (because they're not old enough) and upsetting their parents, The Baby Mindreader is the latest piece of televisual scaryness discovered by Team Mills.
Scott Mills Gold - 2nd August 2006 In Scott's absence, Chappers digs out a selection of Mills' classic clips, including great names and the infamous Pizza Guy.
The Takeaway Game - 4th August 2006 More classic phone fun from the Mills team as Scott gets two takeaway shops placing an order with each other. Chaos ensues...
Lauras back in the habit - 8th August 2006 Laura hits the streets once more, dressed as a nun! Are the people of London nicer to her now that God is watching?
Flirt Divert and more - 8th August 2006 An amusing dating story from the Mills team - will Joanne 'do the right thing' for Darren? Plus more Flirt Divert...
Chappers meets Lola - 9th August 2006 Chappers meets R 'n' B singer Lola, off of the 'No Strings' track we've been playing. What's her response to his line of questioning?
Busting Vernon Kays brother - 10th August 2006 More classic Mills from the extremely deep archive. Highlights include busting Vernon Kay's brother and much more!
Jesse Metcalfe Interview - 11th August 2006 Jesse talks to Scott about his new movie and makes a call in an attempt to get a gardening job!
Laura the bathroom valet - 14th August 2006 Laura heads down the pub to pose as a 'bathroom valet'. How does she get on with her selection of styling products amongst the urinals.
The On Hold Game & Backdoor Love - 15th August 2006 Popular classics from the life of Mills! Phone fun in The On Hold Game and the return of Backdoor Love. Listen and find out!
Busting The Boyfriend - 16th August 2006 Scott busts a boyfriend who actually told his girlfriend he was gay to end their relationship and more phone fun with The Takeaway Game.
The man who faked his own death - 17th August 2006 A bumper compilation of fun from the Mills team, including: The Man Who Faked His Own Death, the return of Lloyd, feeling sorry for call centres and a little bit of good news!
The I Love You Game - 21st August 2006 The idea is to get the person on the other end of the phone to say "I love you". This edition of the game had a cunning twist though. The poor bloke's sister-in-law was in on the gag so he got a bit of a shock when she started coming on to him.
Laura the Vigilante - 22nd August 2006 Laura's sent out onto the streets to right some wrongs. This time she had to persuade someone to go home for his tea. Listen out for her classic line "Excuse me, yo dudes!"
Natalies Embarrassing Story - 23rd August 2006 Come on? We've all had a poo in a bag at some point. This is one of the funniest tales Scott and Chappers had heard in ages.
Scotts gullible mum gets her revenge - 24th August 2006 After Scott had made several calls to his mum proving how gullible she is, it was only fair that she got her revenge with the help of Scott's boss and Jo Whiley.
Laura speaks foreign - 25th August 2006 Laura from Radio 1's Scott Mills show phones abroad to find out about other countries' World Cup songs. Only problem is, she used an internet translator...
The Takeaway Game - 29th August 2006 Where Scott calls a takeaway and then connects them up to another restaurant. Confusion ensues.
Listeners in celebrity cribs - 30th August 2006 What happens when one of Scott's listeners is doing some work round at a pop star's house? How far will be prepared to snoop around? He's also blissfully unaware that the actual celebrity homeowner is listening in to what he's doing.
Chappers annoys more listeners - 31st August 2006 You phone in to request a song and you end up being insulted by Westwood. We're very sorry about Chappers.

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