September 2006 Podcasts


September 2006 Podcasts

Laura and the whoopee cushion - 1st September 2006 The classic fart gag. But how long can she stay guffing in the library?
Laura The Honeytrap - 5th September 2006 Listen as Laura hits the streets to attempt to seduce a listener's boyfriend who may well be a bit of a laydeez man. Does she succeed or does it all go horribly wrong?
Egg on your face - 6th September 2006 Scott and Laura play Chapper's new game Egg On Your Face. Find out who get's splatted!
The Baby Mindreader - 7th September 2006 Scott Mills invited baby mindreader Derek Ogilvie into the studios of Radio 1 and presented him with an actual infant - could he work his telepathic magic?
Jo Whiley on a coaster - 8th September 2006 Find out what happened when Jo Whiley went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach with the Killers. In the Scott Mills podcast from Radio 1, everyone can hear you scream!
More Jo Whiley and Flirt Divert - 11th September 2006 More fun with some of the pranks that have involved Jo Whiley in the past and some more oddness from Flirt Divert.
Scotts Funeral - 12th September 2006 The Hoff calls in to thank Scott for his new campaign and what does Scott have planned for his funeral?
The Hoff sends Scott flowers - 13th September 2006 The latest from the Mills team includes The Hoff sending flowers to Scott, killing some popstars, getting struck by lightning and a run down of the worst Radio 1 quizzes ever!
Scotts Gullible Mum Special - 15th September 2006 A collection of your favourite clips from our popular feature Scott's Gullible Mum.
Flirt Divert - 18th September 2006 The Flirt Divert line has been cleared down from another weekend of steering clear of mingers, here are the highlights.
Calling A-List Hollywood Star - 20th September 2006 That's right! Chappers has got hold of a proper actual A-List celebrities phone number... You can imagine what happens next!
Secret Psycho and presents from The Hoff - 21st September 2006 Highlights of the secret psycho and Scott's been getting some very strange presents...
Jo Whileys in a mood - 22nd September 2006 Flirt Divert and Jo Whiley gets all mardy and ting. More fun and frolics in podcast form brought to you by the Scott Mills team from Radio 1.
Just A Text From Heaven - 26th September 2006 Chris the medium comes in to help you with farting granddads and Chappers phones Anita Beaver.
The Great American Name Game - 27th September 2006 More immature phone calls to people with funny names and proper mean Random Acts Of Kindness.
Funny Name Phone Book Game - 28th September 2006 Chappers rings up Ben D Wanger and Harry Minge.
More fun with the phone book - 29th September 2006 Phoning up them with the rude names and chatting up people's mums by mistake.

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