December 2009 Podcasts


December 2009 Podcasts

Chappers is a model! - 1st December 2009 Yep, he's done a photo shoot in shiny shoes and tweed suit. Timmy Trendy is in live, we give some plot spoilers for TV ads and there's loads more Innuendo Bingo. Plus, the Ke$ha noise and TOTDS is back on his swannee whistle to play you some Christmas hits.
The Masterpiece - 2nd December 2009 You know our motto... If it's good enough for Zane, it's good enough for us. So we decided to play the entire Busted album, in full. Find out if we got away with it. Plus, should Scott steal a table, we're feeling very Christmassy and how much would you love a Tickle Me Subo.
Christmas Classifieds - 3rd December 2009 Beccy's been trawling the internet to bring you the best Christmas bargains. Plus, Chappers on Pants Off, Dance Off, The Family on Oh! What's Occurring, some amazing Innuendo Bingo from Sara Cox and the gorgeous, super, super sexy P Diddy bath robe!
Anthony Costa, Lube & Kumquat - 4th December 2009 There's been a serious development in The Greek MI5 case. Plus, Beccy's auction experience, Chappers is still taking his clothes off and Scott performing in a loo.
Its Only Bloody Friday - 7th December 2009 Scott builds a teddy bear, Chappers has a new ball to play with and find out what happened when Beccy met 50 Cent.
Timmy Trendys World Exclusive - 8th December 2009 Scott has the exclusive first play of Timmy's debut solo track. Also, is it just us or is Voiceover Man everywhere these days? We're being watched on CCTV and it's freaking us out. Plus, Delia's loving the Christmas booze and there's a beaver in a Nativity play on Oh! What's Occurring.
Scotts first show - 9th December 2009 We've got hold of some clips of Scott's first ever show on Radio 1 and we've never heard anyone so excited about a phone number. Plus, at home with Voiceover Man, Subo Christmas decorations and Danyl Johnson gets a call from the West-Country stalker. Oh, and Beccy gets ready for the Tinsel Takeover!
Timmy Trendy: The Verdict - 10th December 2009 Radio 1's Head of Music, George, comes in to reveal whether Timmy Trendy's new song will go on to the playlist. Plus, we talk about cuckoo clocks, naughty pictures on phones and work Christmas parties.
Meat Pie Mandy sings Beyoncé - 11th December 2009 Meat Pie Mandy hits the streets and PR4L featuring the stars of Gavin and Stacey!
Access All Areas ends - 12th December 2009 Scott runs though Radio 1, shutting down all the cameras. Plus all the gossip from his night at the 'This Morning' Christmas party.
Heather Graham - 15th December 2009 We think we've actually fallen in love with her. She was soooo lovely. Plus, Scott wants his own perfume and find out exactly how long they kept you waiting on X Factor in Oh! What's Occurring.
Secret Smoking Nans - 16th December 2009 Scott's friend's gran has a secret smoking habit, but why won't she just admit it? Plus, who do you prefer... Rage Against the Machine or Joe McElderry? Or more importantly Jingle All The Way or Elf?! And don't miss the best seduction techniques from Stupid Street in Oh!
Its only bley Friday - 21st December 2009 Scott starts your weekend by screaming loudly over another record. Plus, he's found an amazing new film with ladies, hot tubs and time travelling. Oh, and, if your girlfriend says don't get me anything for Christmas, don't believe her.
David Gest is back again - 22nd December 2009 Today, the enigma that is David Gest makes an entertaining, if slightly uncomfortable, guest on the show - Chappers leaves Scott to go at it alone. Beccy is snowed in and her boyfriend has incredibly rigged up a studio setting from their flat so we don't go without her lovely dolcet tones. Plus some great Dear Scotts and the Best Of Oh What's Occurin including TOTDS getting a Brazilian...
Comedian Lee Mack - 23rd December 2009 A freshly spray-tanned team welcome special guest comedian Lee Mack on to the Christmas Eve Eve show.  The team discuss when it's too close to Xmas to dump your boyfriend or girlfriend and what presents to get that don't show too much commitment. We fill the Chris Moyles void by giving you our very own Xmas parody.  Plus more Dear Scotts, and what is the best thing since sliced bread?  The hairbrush and toe-nail clippers are amongst the suggestions of Stupid Street on The Best Of Oh! What's Occurin.
Goodbye Chappers - 24th December 2009 It's a sad day today - we say goodbye to our lovely grumpy Chappers. No, he's not retiring and not dead… he's just off to pastures new.  So apart from the usual, brilliant schniz that is Oh What's Occurin and Dear Scott, the show is all about Chopper including a very special message from someone who is very dear to him. Get out your tissues… (for possible crying obviously).

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