July 2008 Podcasts


July 2008 Podcasts

Fancy a bit of Demitri? - 1st July 2008 If you're single and looking for love, Demitri could be the answer. He's a complete catch and he calls the shots. Plus, we want to go to Holyland in Orlando, we play another game of Oh! What's Occurring and there's more Badly Bleeped TV.
Show Homes - 2nd July 2008 Beccy who works on the show ,admits she looks round show homes even though she doesn't want to buy them. And Scott decides he might want to live in one with The Hoff. Plus, more Oh! What's Occurring?, Beccy Classified's and we find out if Ben Shepherd is an actual loser.
Hoff Mania - 3rd July 2008 David Hasselhoff pops in to star in our new movie "Snakes When You Strain". He also agrees for Beccy and Scott to live with him in LA. Sort of. Plus, we start a campaign to bring back tandems, Scott wears lycra in front of Dale Winton and more Oh! What's Occurring.
The Annual Wimbledon Semis Joke - 4th July 2008 Yes its that time of year where Chappers gets to tell his favourite joke and you guys can't wait to hear it! Also, Zane shows his 'pop'side in Oh! What's Occurring? Plus, Westwood talks to himself. There's more Dear Scott, from our listeners and Barryoke goes all hip-hop on us. We find out if Adele's a loser or not, and Scott reveals Radio 1's plans for the summer and where the show is going...and no its not Mallorca (for a change).
Beccy Loves Meat - 7th July 2008 Beccy who works on the show finally admits she is the world's worst vegetarian! Dave Pearce knows his dogs in Oh! Whats Occurring? Scott replays his major part in the Sunday Night Project. There's more Dear Scott and we find out if Nathan took our advice and didn't go through with the pact to marry his old school friend. Plus, how many of us actually call telephone numbers shown on TV programmes!
The Biggest Film Numpty In The World - 8th July 2008 Scott finds a sports presenter in the States who has had the hic cups for over a week! And we find out your hic cup remedies. Plus, Scott's now cool - he's joined a no cussing club. "Ya Wanna Hang With Us, Don't Cuss"(only in America!) And finally, Scott tells us why he's been in bed with Jo Whiley and Chappers at the same time!!
Hoff Does It For Charidee Mate - 9th July 2008 The Hoff's been on and we want to release 'Baditude' for charity. Westwood keeps it European with the Cheeky girls in Oh! What's Occurring? Beccy finds more amazing bargains in her classifieds and Scott has won a very prestigious award.
Comedy Dave actually talks to himself - 10th July 2008 He may be on holiday but Scott calls Comedy Dave to have a natter with himself. Scott and the team also chat to Rihanna to find out if she is a loser or not. How many Spoons can Dave Spoon eat of the world's hottest curry in Oh! Whats Occurring? And Scott talks about the new amazing reality show from the Cheeky Girls.
Scotts Back - 22nd July 2008 Yep, he's back and got lots of stories to tell about his hols in LA. Find out what happened when he hung out with The Hoff, The Beckhams and pretended to be Hilary Duff. Plus, hear the trailer for our amazing new film "Snakes While You Strain".
Chappers calls himself - 23rd July 2008 ... and he has an actual conversation before he realises who it is. Plus, the woman so desperate to come to Barryoke that she's changed her name. There's more Badly Bleeped TV and we've got some songs that will make you divulge all your secrets.
Barryoke Live - 28th July 2008 It's just like karaoke, but it's sung by people called Barry, and it's live from Barry Island! There's Voiceover Man, Ruth Jones who plays Nessa in Gavin and Stacey, the Truth Telling Robot and of course, our VIP Barrys singing the hits that made them famous!
Dont Push It! - 29th July 2008 Have you ever seen a big button saying 'Do Not Press' and been tempted to do just that? We talk to some people who did and lived to regret it. There's also more highlights from Barry and those noises you can't help imitating!
Strange Sleepers - 30th July 2008 Do you do strange things in your sleep? We hear from people who've woken up in embarrassing situations they didn't know they were in! There's more noises that you just have to repeat, a guy whose daughter sounds like a baby Nessa from Gavin and Stacey, badly bleeped TV, and Westwood drops in for a 'quiet' word.
Ive Just Seen Gary Barlow! - 31st July 2008 Have you ever spotted someone famous and called your mates, only for them to be really unimpressed? It's happened to a lot of you! Plus, Yvette Fielding calls herself, Beccy hides on her course and find out why Scott was drinking posh Pina Coladas.

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