June 2008 Podcasts


June 2008 Podcasts

Scotts on the phone - 2nd June 2008 Or is he? We discover that he likes nothing more than to pretend he's on the phone. Plus, the American newsreader who starts acting out his report... ha ha. And another amazing Barryoke.
The Mambo Twister - 3rd June 2008 Scott's favourite new exercise device has arrived. It claims you can use it anywhere, so we sent Scott to the men's loos at the local pub. Plus, strange things your partner does that annoy you and we get freaked out by some very scary twins.
The Big Act Off - 5th June 2008 Scott and Chappers fight for a part in The Bill... with Barry Chuckle deciding who wins! Plus, a woman who's married to the Eiffel Tower, Mr Wet Y-Fronts 1997 and more of Beccy's Classifieds.
Youre Nicked! - 6th June 2008 Find out what happened when Scott appeared on The Bill. We create some wacky stunts to get us on You've Been Framed. And we've found a dating website just for brainy people but, funnily enough, we're not allowed to sign up!
Celebrity Barryoke - 9th June 2008 It's only Bley Friday! Plus, Lloyd tells us who we should be supporting in Euro 2008 and there's a very special Celebrity Barryoke featuring Barry Chuckle.
Dates With Drunken Newsreader - 11th June 2008 We have fun making people sound drunk by slowing them down, including newsreader Kate Silverton. Scott decides to invite her on a date. Plus, the fire alarm goes off, Edith has a baby, Lloyd's got more predictions and Scott's been hanging out with Dannii Minogue.
Wanting a love song - 10th June 2008 Scott decides that Sara Bareilles is a bit mardy for not wanting to write a love song for her boyfriend. Scott says he'll write one for anyone. Plus, Lloyd's demanding his own theme tune, Beccy loves Paula and we all sound drunk.
Weve Been Tangoed - 11th June 2008 Just when you think he couldn't get anymore orange! Scott tops up his tan in a pink tent live on the show and Beccy gets tangoed too. We find out if Newton Faulkner is a loser or a normo. Also, Scott and Chappers talk to Phil 'The Power' Taylor live from Robbie William's house in Hollywood. Plus, it's only bley Friday so that can only mean one thing...Barryoke!
Spiders and Flies... Yum! 12th June 2008 We find a reporter who swallows a fly on TV and then goes a bit mad. Scott's going to change his name to Malcolm Bonkers and more of Beccy's Classifieds. Plus, would you flirt for £1000?
My Name is Scott - 13th June 2008 Lloyd is on and Kate Silverton gets her revenge on Scott Mills in 'My Name Is Scott'.
Chappers & the Scissor Sisters - 16th June 2008 Chappers claims to be at the 20twenty cricket in Manchester, but we don't believe him. Plus, it's only bley Friday, Lloyd's got more football facts and another amazing Barryoke.
Truth Or Dare - 17th June 2008 Beccy has the choice of eating horrible things or having her secrets revealed live on-air. What will she choose? Plus, we call some chemists asking for strange products, we go through Alison's Ex Box and talk to Lloyd who's got more completely random football facts.
Would I Lie To You - 18th June 2008 Will a complete stranger pretend to be Beccy's dad to get her out of trouble at work? Plus, more Badly Bleeped TV, You're Sick and everyone's favourite 12 year old football expert - Lloyd.
The Red Blooded Male - 19th June 2008 Scott talks to a listener who's had a very strange reply to her online dating ad. Plus, Chappers is at the cricket / Scissor Sisters again, Lloyd's back on with more football facts and there's more bargains to be had in Beccy's Classifieds.
Would I Lie To You - 20th June 2008 Scott challenges Beccy to get someone to lie for her... will anyone do it? Lloyds back on, this time he's got a Magic 8 ball to predict the results. Plus, we've found the most amazing sweets. They look like lighthouses... honest.
One Less Barry In The World - 23rd June 2008 On the eve of her wedding, Ellie Barry from Cirencester bids an emotional farewell to the greatest name in the world...Barry. And, hear how Scott did in his maths GCSE exam today. Also, forget about facebook, myspace and bebo - now it's all about, HoffSpace. Yes, David Hasslehoff has set up his own social networking site. Life can't get any better! Plus, our favourite football expert, Lloyd is back with more of his predictions for Euro 2008.
Snakes and Bladders - 25th June 2008 Scott speaks to the legend, David Hasslehoff who talks about himself, hoffspace, more about himself and also about him coming on the show to do something "crazy". Scott shares another horrible story about a person being bitten by a snake in a toilet. This gives Scott a great movie idea...and it involves the Hoff! Plus, hear what amazing part Scott has in Hollyoaks - you'll never be able to guess what it is! And, there's more badly bleeped tv.
Hollyoaks in Manchester - 27th June 2008 Scott's in Manchester to meet some of the cast of Hollyoaks, after filming his own starring role in the soap.
Oh Whats Occurring - 30th June 2008 Scott and the team are doing the breakfast show for the next 2 weeks while Chris Moyles is on holiday. Play along with our new quiz Oh! What's Occurring and see if you get the joke. Plus, is Harry from McFly a loser? We find out!

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