July 2010 Podcasts


July 2010 Podcasts

Capellos Last Phone Call - 1st July 2010 England's football manager Fabio Capello makes his final call. Scott discusses falling asleep in cinemas and makes speculations on which celebrities he thinks would most likely fall asleep during an interview with him. Beccy fills us in with what she hates about Wimbledon! And Elliot our new contestant on Oh! What's Occurring makes return!
Kylie Drops By - 2nd July 2010 Queen Kylie Minogue only dropped by for a chat, but we get so much more!!! Big stars deserve big introductions, so it was only right to roll out ‘Voiceover Man’. Thursday sees the return of the ‘Posh Radio 4 Lady’reading out your Dear Scotts. Beccy is off on a well deserved holiday, so our ‘Oh What’s Occurring’ contestant Elliot takes on ‘Voiceover Man’. Guess who comes out on the other side!
Scotts flatmate visits the shop off of MQOS - 5th July 2010 It's Only Bley Friday! Scott's flatmate has taken his obsession of the TV programme 'Mary Queen of Shops' to a new level. He has actually taken a day off work & gone all the way to Corfe Castle, Dorset, to visit the actual shop from episode 2. Scott & his flatmate have now decided they are going to make this their new hobby and will attempt to visit every shop in the series in future. Find out what he will be bringing Scott back as a gift and if he got to meet the 'toothless man'. For all those clueless about football, Lloyd, our footie expert is also on! You can hear his tips and predictions for the world cup matches as he teaches you how to blag your knowledge of the game.
Robert Pattinson off Twilight - 6th July 2010 We test everyone's favourite vampire, actual R-Patz, to see how many girls names he can say in 30 seconds - will he say your name? Plus, Scott has the keys to his new house. We all know he didn't get on too well with his last neighbours - can he befriend these ones?! Should he bake muffins and take them round or should they come to him? We also speak to some listeners who call each other 'babes' all the time and find out why Bieber fever is sweeping North Korea.
Mitchell and Webb - 7th July 2010 Comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb pop in to announce our Edinburgh Festival challenge. Plus, Scott wants to eat kebabs, work on a ghost train and call more people babes. Lloyd is talking more about girls than football and Charlie is back on Oh! What's Occurring, but will she guess which celebrity is tweeting?
Try the fish - 8th July 2010 Today, Lloyd's football chat is mostly him and Scott laughing at Beccy. We try to think of some stuff Ne-Yo can sing about, Professor Green talks haircuts and it almost goes horribly wrong when we play some clips of Chris & Dave's alternative commentary.
Rumpelstiltskin - 9th July 2010 Scott has been spotted in Shrek 4... or has he? We speak to someone who has met Jean from Eastenders off of Sausage Surprise! Lloyd gets 2 new songs and the Posh Radio 4 Lady reads out more of your texts and emails. Plus, if Scott phoned you and thought you were a celeb, would you play along?
Bley Friday, Football and Wedgies - 12th July 2010 It's the weekend and Scott is so excited he screams over the wedding march. We talk to Lloyd for the final time this World Cup and would you remove your friends wedgie?!
Speedy Boarding - 13th July 2010 Scott's been to Kavos, where he experienced speedy boarding for the first time and he's not happy. He also had a funny experience with a lovely Greek cleaning lady. Grimmy pops in and manages to end up agreeing to a one man show in Edinburgh. And Huw takes on Beccy in Oh! What's Occurring.
SECRET details of Beckys SECRET Underground Bunker - 14th July 2010 Becky's going for a day trip to a SECERT Underground Bunker and it's all a big secret. Ooops. Also, Scott's mate Gary is well unlucky, and we're still struggling for ideas for the Edinburgh shows.
Unlucky Kate - 15th July 2010 You will never believe it but Unlucky Kate is more unlucky than Unlucky Gary. Dev pops in to play Oh! What's Occurring, which today features more of Jake's stories about the world. And we still need more of your ideas for our Edinburgh Festival shows.
Exercise with Brucie - 16th July 2010 Bruce Forsyth talks us through his favourite exercises and household tips... Scott is a big fan already. Plus, more from Unlucky Kate, our plans for Edinburgh, your texts and emails in Dear Scott and a very intense debate about the quality of the film Wild Hogs.
Scotts amazing Mark Ronson impression - 19th July 2010 It's Only Bley Friday and this week Scott has come over all Latino. Plus, he does an amazing Mark Ronson impression and is wondering why Florence off of The Machine is singing with her eyes closed all the time.
Harry Hill Tattoo - Bum or Boob? - 20th July 2010 Scott went to Brighton for the weekend and found an amazing tattoo parlour. The One That Doesn't Speak sings badly, Usher pops up to surprise Beccy, there's some amazing Innuendo Bingo from the golf and Donna's back on Oh! What's Occurring?! How on earth did that happen?
Nelson the Fox - 21st July 2010 Nelson, from BBC three show Mongrels, joins Scott in the studio to play Oh! What's Occurring. Plus, what happens when you fall in love but don't speak the same language? Tom Deacon comes in to give us some advice for the Edinburgh Festival and Basshunter tells us about his love life.
Fancy some chorizo out the back? - 22nd July 2010 We've got more of your lost in translation dating stories. Scott's friend Chris has a new obsession with TV ads. Do girls just use boys for their cars? Scott thinks so. A listener gives a very frank review of Scott's performance in Mongrels. Tracey plays Oh! What's Occurring and Unlucky Matt has a problem with a horse.
Double Rainbow - 23rd July 2010 We've found a man who is VERY excited to see a double rainbow. There's a ghost in Scott's friends bedroom or is there? And the PR4L reads out your texts and emails in Dear Scott including one about an amazing sandwich which we have to try!
Its Only Bley Friday - 26th July 2010 Scott celebrates the weekend with a big shouty thing over some classical music. Plus, we've got another idea for Edinburgh, will this be the one?
Edinburgh Try Outs... - 27th July 2010 With only 3 weeks left to go, we try out some of our ideas for Edinburgh. Beccy does improv (badly), TOTDS plays Glee on his whistle and Scott puts on as many t-shirts as he can. Plus, cod loins, weird parents, Mrs Scott Mills stickers and Westwood gets a call from the Cheeky Girls in the Best of Oh!
Beccy Decides To Quit ... - 28th July 2010 After a big win, Beccy decides she's going to leave the show and take up quizzes full-time. We call Dev Direct whilst doing some Bruce Forsyth exercises. More weird stuff you thought was normal about your family. Plus, Best of Oh! What's Occurring and Tracey reveals a very interesting piercing to the nation.
Drug Sniffing Dan - 29th July 2010 STD, Smooth Talking Dan, is out on Stupid Street pretending to be a human drug sniffer, but how many people will let him sniff them? Plus, Beccy gets heckled in the Edinburgh try outs, Scott wants a smoking jacket and we find out how many times James Bond does it in Octopussy.
Big Camp Ones - 30th July 2010 Scott's causing confusion in the local coffee shop over The One That Doesn't Speak's drinks order. Plus, Beccy tries Burlesque for her Edinburgh show and which cars have the sexiest drivers? Scott thinks he knows. Oh! and Tracey is back for another Best of Oh!

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