June 2010 Podcasts


June 2010 Podcasts

Escape revision with Mills - 2nd June 2010 Scott's back and he's going to give you the best 2.5 mins of your life... well, that's what he's promising. Plus, he's found some amazing Australian TV and Rachel is back to play Oh! What's Occurring. Today, it features Craig David being a little bit forward. Nice.
Scott tells a long pointless story - 3rd June 2010 Yep, he finally gets round to telling us about his holiday, which involves meeting lots of old nans. Plus, the amazing music choice of one white van man, some screaming Miley Cyrus fans and we find out which films should have had a sequel in Oh! What's Occurring.
Ed Westwick - 4th June 2010 Beccy finally got to meet the man of her dreams, Ed Westwick off Gossip Girl, but she got so starstruck that it didn't quite go to plan. Plus, Posh reads out your Dear Scotts and there's a lot of excitement about some shiny football stickers.
Has Scott finally lost it? - 7th June 2010 Yesssss, It's Only Bley Friday, but has Scott still got it or has he finally lost his passion? Plus, find out how Beccy's getting on with her football stickers and we check out a new film recommendation.
Will Scott be playing for England?! - 8th June 2010 Scott's friend Chris seems to think so... Plus, Beccy gets on American TV, Jake is back on Oh! What's Occurring and just when you thought it couldn't get anymore exciting, Scott reveals a passion for shredding and laminating
Scotts Shredder Obsession continues... - 9th June 2010 He's got one and has been using it all day to shred everything. Plus, Jake is back on Oh! What's Occurring, Beccy makes an epic email fail and we've found the best TV chef ever.
Fabio Capello - 10th June 2010 The England manager has been on wanting Scott for the squad... or has he? Plus, Scott shows off his acting skills and tells us how he loves dancing dogs. And Sabine is our amazing new contestant on Oh! What's Occurring. You will love her.
Lloyd is back! - 11th June 2010 Scott doesn't have a clue about football so our expert Lloyd is back to help him out. Plus, the Posh Radio 4 Lady has more of your texts and emails, Sabine is back on Oh! What's Occurring and Fabio Capello makes a call to Chappers.
Puffy, Sean Or Diddy? - 14th June 2010 Voiceoverman is recruited by the team to introduce the big man Diddy, who is in the studio with his new group 'Dirty Money'. The Posh Radio 4 Lady decides to submit an audition for a spot in the group. Plus, Scott checks in with Lloyd as he still has no clue about football and the World Cup only started today!
Just an average bleh Friday with Team Mills!
Artie from Glee - 15th June 2010 Kevin McHale aka Artie from Glee pops in to play Oh! What's Occurring with Sabine. The PR4L finally breaks her silence on her new career with Diddy and Lloyd is back with more football news.
Mr Schuester - 16th June 2010 Matthew Morrison pops in to talk Glee and Scott's moonface. Plus, Scott decides that Peter Andre and Beccy went to the same school, Iyaz is back playing his favourite game, Lloyd gives us the latest football news and will Scott ever stop buying random stuff off the telly?!
Big Mo Blows Off - 17th June 2010 Yep - this actually happened in Eastenders and Scott's got the proof. He's also been getting weird phone calls from a taxi driver. Plus, Beccy tells a random story about the band Orson and we guess whether some very strange road names are real or not in Oh! What's Occurring?
George, a bus and a very big hornet - 18th June 2010 Scott saves George after he gets stuck on a bus with a hornet. Fabio Capello makes another appearance on Oh! What's Occurring and the PR4L is back to read out your texts and emails on Dear Scott. Plus, don't miss Scott's breaking Whoopie Pie news.
Scotts World Cup Party - 21st June 2010 Scott has a World Cup Party every year... or so he says... so The Baseballs, Jake Humphries, Tim Minchin, Jack Whitehall, Diana Vickers, Eliza Dolittle, Nick Knowles, Sabine off Oh! What's Occurring and our lovely competion winners Grant and Laura all came along to watch the game.
Jonah Hill - 22nd June 2010 One of the nicest men in Hollywood chats to us about his new film, Get Him To The Greek. Plus, Jean's cooking up another Sausage Surprise, LLoyd has more football gossip and our lovely winners Grant and Laura meet Green Day.
Rude noises and antiques - 23rd June 2010 Scott's got the latest on the Bargain Hunt fart scandal. Plus, our amazing new money making scheme, listeners having pool parties, Lloyd with more football news, chatting up solicitors and bad phone calls on Eastenders. And will it be Sabine's last ever Oh! What's Occurring?!
The football is on and were at work - 24th June 2010 Scott's the only one in the office as everyone has left to watch the match. So, he's getting diet tips of an amazing body builder, telling us about his sleeping habits and being very indescisive about whether Donna should stay on Oh! What's Occurring.
Katy Perry on the accordion - 25th June 2010 Today's Oh! features the lovely Miss Perry, Jonah Hill and Ed on work experience. The PR4L reads out more of your texts and emails. Plus, we've found Harry Potter money, Timmy Trendy's got a new job at the World Cup, girls are weird and Scott's friend makes a big mistake.
Scotts home truths... - 28th June 2010 Ladies - listen up! Scott's got some home truths for you... omg. Lloyd's back on with some more football news and there's an awesome IOBF to get you in the mood for the weekend.
TOTDS has inappropriate dreams - 29th June 2010 The One That Doesn't Speak had an inappropriate dream about one of his work colleagues and can't look them in the eye.
Our football expert, Lloyd confesses he didn't actually watch the England Match and was playing golf instead.
We welcome new contestant Elliot on Oh! What's Occurring. We find out what interesting things the Scissor Sisters would get up to in a power cut , how much funk is in Glee and 'Who's That Tweeting'.
Scott's mate Chris is distraught after the England result and wants to know what to do with the England merchandise he has spent a month's wages on. Find out why Beccy smells manly and hear Dappy off of N-Dubz experience a gong massage.
Katy Perry Remix - 30th June 2010 The One That Doesn't Speak has made an amazing new Katy Perry accordian tune all about lollipop ladies. Plus, someone's had an inappropriate dream about Scott, Lloyd talks football and women sneezing and ex-BB star Brian Belo is on Oh! What's Occurring spitting out water in his garden.

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