July 2018 Podcasts


July 2018 Podcasts


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Title Description Duration
Taxi For… Chris Stark?! – 02 Jul 18 Imagine if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere and were able to use the power of your social media to have a listener pick you up and then didn’t pay them?! Well! Chris Stark did EXACTLY that over the weekend! What a liberty! Listener Kate has done something REALLY naughty, she’s sunburnt EBHF (Everything But Her Face)… And she means EVERYTHING, and Scott is not happy. Chris is off sick although has left Scott a ‘Break Glass in Case of Emergency’ pop banger (…Kind of). PLUS! First kisses are awkward at the best of times, but what’s even worse is the TERRIBLE pre-chat… URGH! 21:45.0
Another Direction - 03 Jul 18 Someone questions whether Scott and Chris actually like each other, Scott is getting frustrated because nobody seems to be working ('cos it's coming home) and we find a One Direction tribute band that actually think they are 1D. 28:50.0
The Graduation Game – 04 Jul 18 Graduation time is an amazing opportunity to get some things off your chest, a time to move on… So Scott and Chris have decided to make a game of it! Imagine having to tell one of your housemates everything you got up to at university? Chris is playing catch-up (again) in Bangers! And, did you give yourself a World Cup injury last night? Chris did… And it’s only a few weeks from his wedding! 31:45.0
Funeral Flirts - 05 Jul 18 It's Thursday so the shows own P.I James is here to talk about when he went undercover at a funeral. Plus we ask you to text you ex with "It's Coming Home" and send us the replies and Good News Jamie calls to cheer us all up. 35:27.0
Three Lines On My Shirt - 09 Jul 18 Scott is wondering what's wrong with his new England shirt, after all it's got 3 LINES on it! Also are you the most unromantic person ever and What's going on in Love Island Australia? 28:12.0
My First, My Last, My Everything - 10 Jul 18 Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are sending overly melty messages to each other, yuk! But do you do the same? Plus, have you ever been told off by your dentist? does Justin Timberlake really want it to come home? and where would Love Island relocate to if it had to? 33:14.0
Bamboleo, Bangers & Bits - 11 Jul 18 It's a special footy Bamboleo today and we have actual commentator of the match Clive Tyldesley choosing from Bangers. Also we try to get a student's deposit back so they can go to Ibiza and we visit Stupid Street once more to see if anyone "Did bits" last night. 41:56.0
Good-News Jamie Cheers Us Up - 12 Jul 18 We need to cheer ourselves up so we call the show's own ray of sunshine Good-news Jamie. Plus Scott realises he can do a great James Arthur impression, do you let your dog lick your ice cream? and we question more people in whether the did bits last night. 38:11.0
A Garden Tidy Up - 16 Jul 18 Chris gets told off by his dentist (again) and his wedding is imminent so he'd better get his "garden" sorted out. Plus did Zedd DJ in Grimsby this week? Surely not. 28:03.0
Watford Junction – 17 Jul 18 Chris’ wedding is fast approaching, and he’s not written his speech yet – so he’s decided to take inspiration from some of the greats: Churchill, Armstrong… Kemp! It’s 1-nil to Chris in Bangers, can Scott square things up. As a treat, Scott is taking Chris manscaping… The only catch? He has to make the booking himself, on-air! PLUS! Do you think you could be Chris’ Best Man? 33:52.0
Hide & Seek Challenge Continues - 18 Jul 18 It's 22 hours in Greg & Grimmy are still playing their massive hide & seek challenge. They could be anywhere in the country, so we get the show's own private investigator James on the case. Will he crack it? 43:15.0
Zedd Plays "The Zedd List" Game - 19 Jul 18 It's Chris last show as an unmarried man so we get some more of your ideas for Best Man speeches plus superstar DJ Zedd in on the show - here we go! 38:22.0
Off The Market – 30 Jul 18 Listener Liz is GUTTED! She’s sent Scott a very late night email, complaining that all the ‘best’ Radio 1 presenters are off the market, and it’s just not fair! So, Scott gives her some other options. Chris is on his Honeymoon, but this hasn’t stopped him leaving behind an entire week’s worth of proper Bangers! for Scott. Why was Scott giving out hand fans in Spain? And would you get married in a McDonalds in Hong Kong? 26:11.0
[FAKE] Spoiler Alert – 31 Jul 18 What happens if you’ve watched the ENTIRE series of Love Island, but no the final – and then Scott decides to tell you a lot of fake spoilers?! Well, this is exactly what happened to huge Love Island fan Hayley. Dan from Eastleigh needs some advice from Scott, after asking for his advice EIGHT years ago! PLUS! Why only a few select people are allowed to use the phrase, “Yaaas Queen!” 24:38.0

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