June 2017 Podcasts


June 2017 Podcasts


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Hi Scotty! Its the Biscuit Monster! 01 Jun 17 Scott talks to the Cookie Monsters British cousin, the Biscuit Monster, on the phone. Yep, that actually happened. Simon from Biffy Clyro meets the fans at Big Weekend¦well, actually he meets three people who say they hate his band and has to work out which one is telling the truth and which two are LYING. Plus Scott plays two rounds of Real Or No Real: one with Greg James and one with Clara Amfo, aka the official voice of Coach Trip. Aaaaand we also hear loads of stories about peoples trousers splitting. 36:25.0
Hello, Bastille Calling 02 Jun 17 Scott plays what can only be described as a slightly weird round of Real Or No Real with Greg James and Alice Levine. Also at the weekend Scott got Bastille to phone a phonebox on the Big Weekend site. Whoever picked up they asked them to come backstage and buy them a drink ¦DID THEY? DIDNT THEY? Find out! Plus how many songs sound a little bit like Despacito? Pixie Lott and Connor Maynard have the answer. And Scott has a definitive winner in the category of ˜the most typically Grimmy story of all time. 29:44.0
One Love Manchester 05 Jun 17 Scott reflects on the incredible One Love Manchester gig that took place last night and catches up with 5Lives Phil Williams about the progress of some of the people injured at the original show. Also we see if any listeners can top Scotts lunch in Lunch Trumps and find a local hero called Jean. 21:07.0
Scott, youve been duped! 06 June 17 Scott has an interesting email from listener Dave, who claims his mate Joni has been lying to Scott; not only did he NOT throw underwear at Kings of Leon at Radio 1s Big Weekend, he wasnt even in Hull! So Scott hatches a plan to teach him a lesson. Love Island is back, so Scott has a full rundown of last nights antics “ including an excuse to play Blazin Squad. Scott has a new game that involves being quicker than his phone, and Charlie Sloth plays Real Or No Real: does Justin Bieber not know the lyrics to his own global hit Despacito? 27:28.0
Buying Boob Tape For Your Girfriends Mum 07 Jun 17 Chris is back! He tells Scott about an awkward holiday moment that involves trying to buy boob tape for his girlfriends Mum despite not speaking the language. Can Scott do better? The boys ring some Spanish supermarkets to find out. Plus, Scott wants to try his new game out on Chris, theres more news from Love Island, Greg James plays Real Or No Real (can you buy Instagram likes in a vending machine?) and of course its Bamboleo Wednesday too. 33:24.0
Lydia Bright Innuendo Bingo 08 Jun 17 TOWIEs Lydia Bright steps into the wet seat as Innuendo Bingo returns “ and its a messy one as both Lydia and Chris get the giggles. Todays show also has a running theme of Blazin Squad, including some incredible facts about what theyre up to now, an appearance on Bangers AND in Real Or No Real, where Mistajam joins Scott & Chris ahead of his last show covering Annie Mac. Plus, does Scott live next door to Taylor Swift without realising it? 36:17.0
The Naughtiest Thing! 09 Jun 17 What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done? Running through a wheat field maybe? Also more evidence that the world is running out of music and we have an election special of Real Or No Real with Greg James 34:34.0
Liam Payne 12 Jun 2017 Former One Direction star and new daddy, Liam Payne is in to talk all things nudity, making funny noises in songs and EXACTLY what he and Cheryl have been up to since One Direction went on their break. Chris found out over the weekend that he was a question on ˜Tipping Point, and Scott was the answer, but have any Radio 1 DJs been the pointless answer on Pointless? Yes. Yes they have. Its a new week, which means a new round of Bangers! Plus, find out if the worlds most expensive burger will set you back £1,785 in Real or No Real with Listener Kate. 54:22.0
Total Bumhouse Euphonium & The Shovel Combustion 13 Jun 17 Shes back! No, not Scott “ Annie Mac“ and she joins Scott and Chris to tell you how you can win tickets to Glastonbury and tries to decipher if Total Bumhouse Euphonium & The Shovel Combustion really are playing The Meat Rack Stage on Sunday at 05:00am¦ Listener Lindsay from Scotland is on to play Real or No Real and has a horrendous second date story. One of Scott's friends thinks he done something *really* bad. Plus! Will ANYONE go on a picnic with Scott? 49:48.0
Hailee Steinfeld 14 Jun 17 Chris arranges a nice bright pink, ice cream van to pick Scott up at 5:30 AM (hello neighbours!). Plus Hailee Steinfeld plays the Shazam game, we learn yet another new word from Love Island and it's a nice sunny Bamboleo Wednesday. 50:19.0
Liam Payne & The Perv Pad 15 Jun 18 Liam Payne is back - and this time he's reading your filthy messages from the Perv Pad. Scott & Chris wake up Charlie Puth ahead of his Live Lounge and find out under which secret name he checks into hotels. Is it 'taps aff' weather where you are? Scott's also obsessed with 'first look' videos on YouTube and listener Kathryn plays Real Or No Real. 39:31.0
Hablo Despacito? 16 Jun 17 Scott and Chris have been rehearsing REALLY hard (Well¦ One of them has¦) for their FULLY SPANISH rendition of Despacito! Have you had ˜The Chat with your partner yet? No? Well why not do it on-air, that wont be awkward AT ALL. Amelias up bright and early to play Real or No Real, and wonders “ does helium infused beer really exist? Plus! Is Scott really too fat to be carried to work? 39:35.0
Glastonbury Mishaps 26 Jun 17 Scott's back after spending a week in L.A looking at famous peoples houses and getting invited to a love-in. Plus Chris was accosted by someone telling him he has a "Lucky" face and we hear all your Glastonbury stories including mistaken identities and wrong tents, 34:32.0
Foo Fighters Naked Guy Speaks! 27 Jun 17 Just when Scott and Chris thought theyd got all the best Glastonbury stories from the weekend, Chris has managed to track down the naked guy who Dave Grohl dedicated a song to mid-Foo Fighters set; its the only interview hell do anywhere! Meanwhile Lousie Pentland (formerly Sprinkle Of Glitter) plays Innuendo Bingo, Tune Of The Week artists Clean Cut Kid talk wasabi hair growth, painful mint shower gel and the Turkey Testicle Festival on Real Or No Real, and why is the word moist so yuck? Scott has the answer 38:00.0
Lavender Pillows? I Wanted Camomile!! 28Jun 17 It's Bamboleo Wednesday and we find one more amazing story from Glastonbury. Plus, Is Danny Howard becoming "High Maintenance? and Annie Mac joins us for Real Or No Real. 36:41.0
The Glastonbury Usurper. 29 Jun 17 Danny Howard calls from Croatia and gets an apology from Scott, Caroline Flack calls from a hot Love Island, and another listener calls claiming he is the real Glastonbury Naked Man! Plus Alice Levine reveals her fear of Microwaves in Real Or No Real. 33:43.0
Ive Got A Roy Cropper Tattoo 30 Jun 17 We speak to a listener who got a Roy Cropper tattoo and did Adele talk about Love Island during her gig last night? Plus we catch up with Chris who is in Lithuania and theres another round of the Whooo Game. 29:18.0


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