March 2019 Podcasts


March 2019 Podcasts


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Chris's Friday Extra Show: The Snail Master Extended Chris brings more behind the scenes fun from Radio 1 including the full interview from The Snail Master with an in depth discussion on how snails get down to business. Plus Rag 'N' Bone Man's interview in full and a listener's very nerdy question is answered. 28:59.0
The Road To The LOLathon - Dick Dancing Lane Louis Spence finds out that Scott has sent Chris to meet the residents of Mann Wood in Essex. Chris is trying to fill in his Book Of LOL in preparation for the LOLathon and Louis gate crashes the party. We also get a man called Richard to dance in Dick Dancing Lane along to the theme of Blue Peter. We also played a round of Ask Me Anything with a man who used a space hopper to cross the Alps in France. 23:14.0
The Road To The LOLathon – The Giant’s Ring Chris’s journey around the U.K’s funniest place names almost ends in disaster in Muff. Also, who’s been tampering with Scott’s T.V box? Keith Lemon maybe? 30:07.0
The Lolathon Begins Scott & Chris's 24hr LOLathon begins with lots of your jokes and help from Love Island's Dr. Alex George & Jack Fincham , Top Gear's Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff & Chris Harris, Queer Eye's Tan France, and T.V legend Emma Willis. 55:22.0
The Lolathon Continues With More Rude Stuff! Scott & Chris's 24hr LOLathon continues with more rude stuff, not for sensitive ears. Scott and Chris start to tire as the night goes on but Alix & Riyadh from the Unexpected Fluids podcast keep them awake with some awful tales of sex going wrong andThe Drag Queen's Den's Glyn & friends make up Chris to be an amazing Queen. 43:52.0
The Lolathon Continues With The Rude Stuff! Scott & Chris's 24hr LOLathon continues with all the rude stuff. Not for sensitive ears, the jokes come fast and furious from the likes of Jack Whitehall, John Newman and Radio 1 DJs Cel, Katie, Jordan, Jack Matt and Mollie all having to tell outrageous jokes whilst looking Big Boss Ben in the eye. 04:45.0
The Lolathon Goes Into A New Dawn Scott & Chris's 24hr LOLathon continues. It's morning so all is nice and clean again. Vanessa Feltz, Eyal Booker, Luke Kempner, Tom Kerridge, Ricky Gervais, David Beckham and Mabel all join in the fun. 07:33.0
The Lolathon...The Home Stretch Scott & Chris's 24hr LOLathon is on the home run and the boys are very tired. Will pop star Mabel, comedian Sharon Horgan, News reader Simon McCoy, Michael Dapper, Anne-Marie and Louis Tomlinson help them over the line? 56:57.0
More Cock Noms' We get a few more nominations for the naming of our cockerel, Ask Me Anything reveals a guitar legend and people that but “the-something” in between their names – what is that all about? 39:08.0
Mae Hen Wlad Fy What? Scott has set himself a task for the weekend and if he fails he will let down a whole nation! Also, we have some shocking contenders in our search for the name of our cock and (after Chris threw a tantrum on a train) we ask for your total meltdown stories. 37:38.0
Katherine Ryan Plays Innuendo Bingo Love Island's Katherine Ryan sits in the wet chair for another Innuendo Bingo, Scott is furiously trying to learn the Welsh National Anthem and the cock finally gets named. 34:37.0
Shane Williams To The Rescue Welsh Rugby legend Shane Williams give’s some useful tips to Scott ahead of his visit this weekend’s big Six Nations clash and poor listener Kelly endures the agony of learning how she was conceived in Where Do You Think They Were. 33:37.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show: Jeffrey The Cock Chris takes some of your calls about the week on The Scott Mills Show, including Harriet who won the honour of naming the cockerel and Garin, a real Welsh Rugby fan. 25:21.0
Armoured Goats and Great Escapes Scott reflects on his amazing weekend singing the Welsh National Anthem alongside an armoured goat. Also we hear of the times when you’ve managed to escape from a tricky situation and felt quite elated and we hear from a world class muncher on Ask Me Anything. 35:02.0
John Newman Vocal Coach John Newman gets a vocal coaching lesson from Scott, we have another round of Funny Business and more of your Great Escapes, including an amazing confession from an airline cabin crew member. 37:11.0
One Insult After Another! It’s Bamboleo Wednesday and we speak to a dating app user who was insulted when someone fancied the other person in her profile picture, Scott is insulted when Chris accuses him of never having to work for a living and  poor Cheryl who had to swim for it to escape a rather insulting date. 42:22.0
A (Very) Quick One! Listener Simone endures the tale of her conception whilst travelling at the speed of sound in Where Do You Think They Were and after Chris’s accusation that Scott has never had a job, the offers come flying in – answering the phones at Babe Station maybe? 39:08.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show: Secrets of Southend More behind the scenes chat and a chance to hear an extended chat with Natalie about Southend On Sea. Plus Chris takes your calls about the week's best features like The Great Escape from a houseboat and John Newman getting a coaching session from Scott. 32:07.0
Is That A Pepperami In Your Bra? Are you one of those people who smuggles snacks into night club? Are you one of those people who takes a spare pair of pants on a night out? or are you one of those people that secretly listens to Radio 1 when they should be working?  Confession time! 39:00.0
Yungblud Is Here Yungblud is here for a quick game of Music Video or Adult Video, we set another interview for Nicole from Pontypridd and Chris sees an opportunity, during Funny Business, to solve his rat problem. 37:27.0
Scottie Mills? It’s Bamboleo day with an especially long gap and should Scott get a dog? (and if so what kind?) Also, why on earth do people shower together? It’s really awkward. Scott and Chris re-enact. 42:15.0
Volcanoes & Hot Tarmac A tale of volcanoes and tarmac in Lanzarote is heard in this week’s Where Do You Think They Were, we have another Stark Guide telling the history of one of Britain’s major cities and Chris gives Scott a rather unusual birthday card. 34:38.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show: With Scott Mills Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills is Chris's special guest as we relive some highlights of the week and listener Bryony calls in with another tale of when showering together goes very wrong. 20:28.0

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