February 2019 Podcasts


February 2019 Podcasts


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1st February 2019 Chris's Friday Extra Show: Extra Cringe For Billy Chris is back with extra! Extra Where Do You Think They Were (more rude bits) and extra Innuendo Bingo (from the archive). Plus Chris answers more of your questions about the day to day life here at Radio 1. 30:42.0
4th February 2019 A day of contradictions! We speak to a ghost hunter that doesn’t believe in ghosts, another listener who woke up their partner in an awful way and wants to know if they are a bad person and listener Jack, who said he was not going to date at all in 2019 is on the phone – looking for a date. 28:13.0
5th February 2019 Sorry, Who Have I Called? It’s Tuesday so More Funny Business. Scott and Chris call businesses with funny names and they are not allowed to lol. Plus they discuss their favourite Piers Morgan promo photos and Bangers reveals some shocking revelations from about N-Dubz. 24:41.0
6th February 2019 Innuendo Bingo With Davina McCall It’s Bamboleo Wednesday and IT’S BACK! Innuendo Bingo returns with Davina McCall sitting in the wet seat. Plus the search for the ultimate name for our snake continues with more stories of your  horrible ex’s. 36:35.0
7th February 2019 The One With The Buckfast Where Do You Think They Were is on and it’s extra cringe for listener Logan. Plus Chris suspects Scott has been lying about the size of his feet so get out a ruler and some news about Zac Efron that may just ruin your childhood. 31:28.0
8th February 2019 Innuendo Bingo Classics Chris' Extra Bonus Podcast with ...err Scott? Where's Chris? Never-mind Scott answers some of your questions about the behind the scenes life here at Radio 1 and we dig up 3 classic Innuendo Bingos from the vaults at Echo Falls. 26:21.0
11th February 2019 Roses Are Red... We hear more of your nominations for the naming of our snake, real life snakes with some awful stories. Plus Scott & Chris are writing each other’s Valentine cards and posting them to their loved ones. What could possibly go wrong? 32:20.0
12th February 2019 Nicole Is Getting On! Nicole from Pontypridd is back inspiring us all to look at the brighter side of life, we have another round of Funny Business and do you have a Finsta? 33:53.0
13th February 2019 James Acaster & Josh Widdicombe Innuendo Bingo It’s Bamboleo Wednesday and James & Josh get wet in another round of Innuendo Bingo. Plus, we find out what happened with the Snake's double date. 26:06.0
14th February 2019 A Turnip For The Lady? It’s a Valentine’s Day special with surprises all around, for listener Becky on Where Do You Think They Were, Lauren on Bangers and Jordan North who thinks he is just getting a birthday wish. 35:03.0
15th February 2019 Chris's Friday Extra Show: The Proposal Is Set Up More Extra bits from Chris including: what was said before Thursday’s on-air marriage Proposal, an extended chat with a listener who won a million and a look back at one of the wettest Innuendo Bingos ever, with our very own Grimmy. 28:40.0
18th February 2019 Naked in Greg's Bed Scott and Chris try to help Greg James out of the #R1EscapeRoom, Chris gets naked in Greg's house and Jesy and Jade from Little Mix offer their support. 39:43.0
19th February 2019 The Great Escape Scott and Chris help Greg escape! Plus Scott is having doubts about Bangers and they ask is it cheating if your partner shaves their beard? 39:49.0
20th February 2019 Smooth as an Otter Nicole from Pontypridd reveals the celebs she wants to interview and practices on Scott and Chris. Plus it's Bamboleo Wedneday, Chris is 'upper average' and is a beard a game changer? 43:35.0
21st February 2019 In Sickness & In Sunburn Poor Callum listens to a tale of bad food and too much sun as his dad tells the story of when he was made, we have a surprise for our favourite Welsh girl Nicole from Pontypridd and listen out for a BIG announcement. (No, it doesn’t involve Scott retiring) 31:18.0
22nd February 2019 Chris's Friday Extra Show: Extended Nicole An extended chat with our favourite Welsh girl Nicole is a lot of fun and more Classic Innuendo Bingo with Jack Whitehall. 18:08.0
25th February 2019 Name That Cockerel! Another animal needs to be named and this time it’s a big cockerel, which prompts Scott and Chris to wonder why there’s so much cheating going on in the animal world. Also, we speak to a man whose activity is quite NFN (Normal for Norfolk) and find out who amongst you have a secret “dirty” Instagram account. 30:33.0
26th February 2019 Nicole Interviews Eamonn Holmes Listener Nicole finally gets to chat to her hero, Scott is accused of being antisocial because he keeps eating fish in the studio and following the news that Ariana Grande is the most followed person on Instagram, we try and find out who is the least followed. 31:57.0
27th February 2019 Emily Atack Innuendo Bingo Emily Atack joins us for another drenching in Innuendo Bingo, Scott gives Rag'n'Bone Man a vocal coaching session and Chris tells us the historical facts (?) about Middlesbrough. 43:02.0
28th February 2019 Pirate Rob & His Sword Fight This week’s Where Do You Think They Were is a swashbuckling affair as listener Sam hears the story of when he was created. Plus, we launch the Lolathon with Jordan North reporting live from Dick Lane and Lewis Capaldi sabotages Bangers. 39:28.0

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