November 2009 Podcasts


November 2009 Podcasts

Its Only Bley Friday - 2nd November 2009 It's a very brassy IOBF today. Plus, Scott needs your help with some admin and is 7pm too late to pick up a tortoise?!
Beckycam is back - 3rd November 2009 Becky has a Britney Spears headset and is running around the office on the new cameras. You'll just have to excuse her heavy breathing! Plus, Timmy Trendy and Ray Mears loving beavers on Oh! What's Occurring.
Nantendo - 4th November 2009 Scott challenged some old people to play some computer games with him... but who would win? Plus, Beccy gets egg on her face in Oh! What's Occurring, Scott listens to J-Lo on the loo and we pick our Jedward style name. Oh, and there's a tiny bit of Christmas to get you in the mood!
Jimmy Carr - 5th November 2009 Jimmy pops in for a chat and admits he's never seen Spooks or X Factor. Plus, the old folk are back in an Oh! What's Occurring special. And did Scott mention he was getting a degree??!
PR4L in Amsterdam - 6th November 2009 Posh is on her hols this week, so she's sent the Dear Scotts from a cafe in Amsterdam. Lady Gaga pops in for a chat. Should you ask your friend what's wrong if you meet them in the doctors? And would you lick chocolate off Scott's arm?!
Is eating alone OK? - 9th November 2009 It's a particularly brassy Only Bleey Friday today. The team are a bit upset they seem to be losing Katy Perry to Russell Brand and want credit for her new favourite outfit as a Lollipop Lady. Beccy ate alone the other night after an empty invite from Scott, is it OK to eat by yourself? Plus Timmy Trendy has an impersonator - it's uncanny.
Unlikely Names In Songs - 10th November 2009 We've bought some abandoned luggage at an auction... now all we need to do is decide who gets which suitcase. What will be inside? Plus, more Missed Connections, Pitbull plays the hits, Scott's been to a Chinese with Lazy Susan and we're having a operating system launch party!
Is Your Name In A Song - 11th November 2009 We annoy some people with songs that feature names, Dizzee Rascal & Ian from Eastenders pop up in Oh! What's occuring, and the latest news about our Rom Com.
Glasses at the ready, the show is in 3D - 12th November 2009 Scott does the show in 3D, Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams & 3D Chit Chat make their way into Oh! What's Occurring and we find some more songs with names in them.
Falling in love with TV stars - 13th November 2009 Someone Scott knows has seen someone hot on TV and sent them a message. We thought this was a bit odd but it turns out loads of people have done it! And it's Thursday so the PR4L is back!
Scott contemplates IOBF retirement - 16th November 2009 Scott contemplates only bleey Friday retirement and tries to persuade Chopper that Peter Andre's new TV show is amazin'.
Gerard Butler - 17th November 2009 Our favourite Hollywood actor pops in for cake and chat - will he survive Beccy's baking?! Plus, Jimmy Carr's / weightloss, Scott wants a motorbike and Beccy calls Scott's flatmate as the head of MI5. Will he complete his mission?
Grimmy meets R Patz - 18th November 2009 Scott slept in so Grimmy asked Robert Pattinson your questions instead! Plus, Scott wants a new dog called Jeremy and has fallen in love with a mannequin. And in Oh, Kim being a lovey in the jungle and Scott's not telling anyone his name.
Jason Manford - 19th November 2009 Jason joins us for a chat about shower curtains, Christmas songs and not discussing more than 2 ailments at the doctors. Plus, Jeremy Paxman's latest scent, more sausages than you could ever wish for and should we invite Brooke Satchwell on the show just cos Scott's housemate fancies her?!
Mika Massala - 20th November 2009 Find out how much Mika and Scott love curry and how much Janet Street Porter loves moaning in Oh! Plus, there's the amazing Bullyproof moment, Scott and his big boots and the PR4l with your Dear Scotts.
IOBF - 23rd November 2009 Find out how much Mika and Scott love curry and how much Janet Street Porter loves moaning in Oh! Plus, there's the amazing Bullyproof moment, Scott and his big boots and the PR4l with your Dear Scotts.
Adrian Chiles - 24th November 2009 The One Show presenter joins us for a chat about football, Christmas songs and becoming a spy. There's even more secret agent action with The Greek, Big Mama, Lube and Scott's flatmate. Plus, the Alan Carr noise in Oh! What's Occurring and why Beccy won't be taking up 50 Cent on his latest offer.
Timmy Trendy is back darlings - 25th November 2009 Today's show features tanning, lunging, trouser splitting, the Champions League and love bites. Plus, everyone's favourite fashionista Timmy Trendy meets his match when he calls Britain's Next Top Model judge Louis Mariette.
Ke$ha - 26th November 2009 The lovely and completely crazy Ke$ha joins us in the studio for a chat. Plus, Scott's pants, Ask The Hoff and Beccy's really awful Australian pun phone call in Oh! What's Occurring.
Huws Amazing Bike - 27th November 2009 Huw Stephens has a brilliant new bike which powers a record player so we've persuaded him to let us have a go. Plus, Oh! is a Gavin & Stacey, we go through some of your weird emails in Dear Scott and Barryoke is back for one day only!
Its Only Bley Friday - 30th November 2009 Yay - it's the weekend. Let's celebrate with some shouting over some classical music. Plus, Scott's rubbish at making decisions so he's asking the Hoff instead.

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