October 2009 Podcasts


October 2009 Podcasts

Wow! Those shorts are short! - 1st October 2009 Scott and Beccy decide to wear the clothes from the left luggage... nice. Plus, the PR4M reads your texts and emails, find out if Beccy's Forte is football freestyling and there's a return of our favourite stylist to the stars, Timmy Trendy, in Oh! What's Occurring.
Golf on the loo - 5th October 2009 Scott's potty putters have arrived, now all he has to do is send them to celebrities with a birthday coming up. Plus, a very spectacular only bley Friday!!!!
Verne Troyer - 6th October 2009 The Mini Me actor pops in to talk about his new movie The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. Plus, Dr Karl Kennedy tells us the dangers of gas through music, Chappers sounds very horse for one bin and we find out how much people on stupid street love it in Oh What's Occurring!
Matt and Estate Agent Will - 7th October 2009 Matt from the Chris Moyles Show is looking for a house... but will he fall for Beccy's phone call in Oh! What's Occurring? Plus, Scott's going away, should he be packing already? We play the google search game and it's day one of Beccy's new look.
Its Jemmas Birthday - 8th October 2009 It was actually on Monday but Scott's moved it so it's more convenient for him. We buy her some amazing presents from home shopping channels, TOTDS is back on his Swannee Whistle in Oh! and there are some very strange people on our Missed Connections.
At Home With The PR4s - 9th October 2009 We get a secret insight into the private lives of the Posh Radio 4 Lady and Posh Radio 4 Man! Plus, we answer your texts and emails in Dear Scott and Timmy Trendy calls Fearne Cotton in Oh! What's Occurring.
Its Only Bley Friday - 12th October 2009 Yep the weekend is finally here which means Scott is celebrating with his vocal chords. And what's up with Huw Stephens? He's talking all funny and stuff... Plus, if you've missed any of the shows this week, catch up with the latest from Slagular Spills - our very own mixmeister general.
Good Morning! - 19th October 2009 Chris and the team are off on their holidays, which means that we'll be waking you up all week! Scott thinks the X Factor twins are hilarious and Tulip plays the spitting game. Plus more PR4L and missed connections.
Cos You Dont Want To See His Orange Face - 20th October 2009 On today's show Scott finds a new tag line for the show curtosy of Stupid Street. Scott plays a game with Fearne Cotton and Becky discovers she has something in common with La Roux's mum!
The First Scott Mills Segway - 22nd October 2009 Scott takes part in some Segway racing fun, Richard Bacon surprises Becky, Timmy Trendy calls Love It Magazine and Amy Winehouse's boobs make an appearance.
Back on afternoons - 27th October 2009 Scott's excited cos he's got his lie-in's back. Beccy smells as she's got no hot water. Lady Gaga makes another call in Oh! What's Occurring and Scott's got an amazing new theme tune for his game "What's In Scott's Pocket?". Oh, and Beccy tells a joke involving mice that no one gets.
Meat Pie Mandy - 28th October 2009 Scott is amazed how anyone could not like Philip Schofield. Beccy is smelling surprisingly OK on Day 2 without a shower and we find someone who explains her joke no-one gets (including Beccy). We find out all about Meat Pie Mandy, plus more Oh What's Occurin' and Scott discovers the BBC's sound effects archive - it's a bit dated.
Bicycle Clips are Bang On Trend - 29th October 2009 Scott finds out whether it's weird if your mum has ever dated a celebrity.  Chappers loses his pass and Early Brek presenter Dev provides some riddles as to its whereabouts - the team are confused. Are bicycle clips bang on trend when you're not on a bike?  An interesting debate ensues. Plus more Missed Connections and Oh! What's Occurin. Chappers plays alone as B.O. Beccy is 'on a course'.
Pippas Pies - 30th October 2009 Pippa takes on the challenge of Meat Pie Mandy and hits Stupid Street with some nice pastry topped goodies to give away, but how will she get on? Plus, your texts and emails in Dear Scott and Gillian McKeith's on about bums again. Oh, and don't egg Scott when he gets his degree next Wednesday at Solent University.

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