November 2011 Podcasts


November 2011 Podcasts

Sick Voice - 1st November 2011 Scott's tries out his ill voice on Beccy, will it be as good as Kelly Rowland's on X Factor? Plus, hills that look like body parts, Stupid Street and how old is too old to go trick or treating?
Pens, Moustaches and Public Singing - 2nd November 2011 Scott discusses his love of a good pen, Beccy agrees to grow a moustache on her leg and Chris hits the streets to sing Christmas songs. Plus, one of the best Innuendo Bingos ever.
Quiet Carriages, Cakes and Lies - 3rd November 2011 Scott has an incident with Kelly Rowland in a quiet carriage, a surprise birthday cake goes wrong and what's the biggest lie you've ever told?
24 Years At The Tap End - 4th November 2011 Chris reads out chapters from his new autobiography - 24 Years At The Tap End. Plus, our impressions of eachother, an amazing handover with Zane Lowe and Dear Scott with the Posh Radio 4 Lady.
Its Only Bley Friday - 7th November 2011 Scott announces the start of the weekend with some incredible screeching over music. Plus, find out how you can be involved in our movie.
Naked Scott - 8th November 2011 Following an awful bin bag mix up Scott's got no clothes. Plus, Beccy gets a job offer she can't refuse, Stupid Street show us their best sound effects and more chances for you to be in the Radio 1 Movie.
LMFAO - 9th November 2011 The boys from LMFAO pop in and wiggle in Scott's face. Plus, more from Chris's new auto-biography "24 Years At The Tap End".
More from Chriss Auto"bog"raphy - 11th November 2011 Chris reads more extracts from his book "24 Years At The Tap End". Plus, updates on Beccy's leg tache, more on Scott's movie and your texts and emails read out in Dear Scott.
Its Only Bley Friday - 14th November 2011 Scott screams over some classical music and talks about his sleepover with Richard Madeley.
Tim Minchin - 15th November 2011 Friend of the show Tim Minchin pops in to chat cellos and Christmas. Plus, we find a presenter from BBC 1Xtra who gets so excited by the music he plays, he makes a very strange noise!
James May - 16th November 2011 James pops in to talk about Man Lab and ends up playing us a Christmas song on a child's keyboard. Plus, more from Scott's friend Chris's book that isn't available in shops.
Children In Need Rocks - 17th November 2011 Scott is live from Manchester's MEN Arena as the final countdown begins to the night's massive Children In Need Rocks gig.
Children In Need Rocks - 18th November 2011 Scott is backstage chatting to Coldplay, Michael Buble, Gary Barlow, Tulisa, Ed Sheeran, Tinchy Stryder, Fearne Cotton, Chris Moyles and David Tennant.
Its only Bley Friday! - 21st November 2011 It's Only Bley Friday! Angelos off of Shooting Stars joins Scott to create chaos!
Sara sits in for Scott - 22nd November 2011 Sara Cox sits in for Scott with more weird and wonderful tales.
Postina Pat - 23rd November 2011 Sara Cox sits in for Scott with more fun antics including a look at I'm A Celebrity and kid's TV programmes in different languages!
Argy Bargy - 24th November 2011 Sara looks at what happened when Arg from The Only Way Is Essex hosted a show on a local BBC station. Plus there are more Scott Mills points up for grabs and we set out on Stupid Street to ask whose voice you would like to have.
Canoes, Shoes and Dear Sara - 25th November 2011 Sara Cox reveals she is scared of water, thinks heels shouldn't be worn at the zoo, loves Frozen Planet and answers your texts and emails in Dear Sara. Oh, and did Niall from One Direction fart on tv last night?!
Sara welcomes the start of the weekend - 28th November 2011 Featuring Zane's incredible Noel Gallagher impression and a random quiz with Sara's mum.
Scotts back to give jokes and tings - 29th November 2011 Scott's back from holiday and he's joined by Marion from BBCthree show Mongrels. Plus, BBC Radio 1Xtra's Young Lion isn't happy with us.
Innuendo Bingo - The Duel - 30th November 2011 Beccy and Chris take on eachother in another round of very wet Innuendo Bingo. Plus, more from Chris's Auto-bography and as the Radio 1 Movie premiere approaches, there's good news for Scott as Beccy finally gets Tarantino on board.

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