December 2011 Podcasts


December 2011 Podcasts

The Radio 1 Movie update - 1st December 2011 Radio 1's movie expert Rhianna pops in to find out how the film is getting on. Plus, reindeer poos, random pants and DJ Target from 1Xtra is amazing...
Australian Jingle Bells - 2nd December 2011 We find our new favourite Christmas song thanks to Dear Scott. Plus, more from Chris's auto-bography, Timmy Trendy and a very weird noise from Beccy!
Its Only Bley Noel Clarke - 5th December 2011 Actor & Director Noel Clarke pops in for a chat. Plus, it's the start of the weekend and Scott is screaming over some classical music to celebrate.
Zac Efron - 6th December 2011 Zac Efron chats to Scott about The Movie, getting him to help out and Scott attempts to get more people to promote the film!
Sean Connery, Innuendo Bingo & 24 Years At The Tap End - 7th December 2011 Sean Connery calls Scott, Innuendo Bingo with Becky doing it in public and Chris gives us the latest chapter in his epic 24 Years At The Tap End.
The Radio 1 Film Premiere - 8th December 2011 Scott is in Carlisle for the premiere of his first feature film!
Scott gets his first reviews... - 9th December 2011 Find out what the critics are saying about The Radio 1 Movie. Plus more 24 Years At The Tap End and your texts and emails in Dear Scott.
The Best DVD Commentary Ever... - 12th December 2011 Scott's found an incredible DVD commentary from Arnold Schwarzenegger, should we do one for our Radio 1 Movie?
David Hasselhoff - 13th December 2011 The Hoff pops in for a catch up. Plus, a strange Michael Buble phobia and Beccy has a new money making plan.
More Scotts Best Bits of 2011 - 21st December 2011 More of Scott's favourite bits of the year including interviews with Nicky Minaj, Ashton Kutcher, Billie Piper, One Direction, Robbie Savage and Snoop Dog. Plus Chris reads his latest instalment of 24 Years at the Tap End.
More Scotts Best Bits of 2011 - 23rd December 2011 More of Scott's favourite bits of the year, including an Old Style Stupid Street and some great musical comedy. Also there’s an all new 24 Years at the Tap End.

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