September 2013 Podcasts


September 2013 Podcasts

Out The Way Fatso! 03 Sep 13 Innuendo Bingo with 3 secret guests booked by Scott - Chris is concerned. Plus news on the new track from Sir Dossa. And Charlie Sloth is on Real Or No Real - carrying a slight injury.
Hernandez Needs Some Break-Up Advice 04 Sep 13 Chris' friend Hernandez has just broken up with his girlfriend and needs a bit of advice...cue the voice changer. Plus as part of Even More Music Month, it's the return of Sir Dossa! We test another listener's memory with 'Can You Beat Stupid Street?' And Huw Stephens plays Real Or No Real.
Would You Date Your Best Mate? 06 Sep 13 Our listener Lisa wants to ask her friend Steve to move from the friendzone into a relationship - so Chris gives him a call. Plus, can you beat Stupid Street? A caller takes on on the Street of Stupidness. And Scott gives the Freshers some real talk.
X Factor Winner, James Arthur 09 Sep 13 James Arthur is in to play his new single and chat about life after the X Factor. Scott's bought him some sweets back from his holiday but things don't go quite as planned. Plus, an update on our dating couple who are spending one week experimenting outside of the friendzone. And find out Scott's views on the huge tackle that has take out Louis Tomlinson.
Innuendo Bingo and Lisa & Steve Update 10 Sep 13 Dev's in for Innuendo Bingo. After a series of technical mishaps involving water and electrical equipment (no biggy, right?) Scott has brought some extra protection in the form of a latex glove. It's a slightly distracting sight for Dev and Chris. Lisa and Steve are on day four outside the friendzone. Has it got weird yet? And what's Chris got up his sleeve for the couple? Plus Charlie Sloth is here to play Real Or No Real... or is he??
Innuendo Bingo With Joe Sugg Off've Youtube 10 Sep 13 Youtuber Joe Sugg playes Innuendo Bingo - it's a ridiculously wet one. Real Or No Real with Huw. Scott has a new phrase courtesy of Justin Timberlake. And would you date a mate for 40 days?
Lisa And Steve, Day Five 11 Sep 13 More developments in the story that's gripping the nation. Are Lisa and Steve on course to escape the friendzone forever and become a real couple, or will their relationship end with the experiment on Friday? Plus, the weird fox song is going mental. It's gone and won the blllluuury review show! And Scott plays Real Or No Real against Chris for once.
Annie Mac Bingo, Lisa And Steve Day Six 12 Sep 13 The Mac is back! Annie returns to Radio 1 after having a baby and we decide to make her welcome back to the building a suitably soaking game of Innuendo Bingo. A contestant on Come Dine With Me has decided to make a chocolate dessert in the shape of a starfish, what could possibly go wrong? Plus, Lisa And Steve are into day six of their experiment at turning friendship into love. We think the way to find out what's really going on is to speak to their nearest and dearest. Shocking revelations follow! And Greg James is in for Real Or No Real.
Lisa And Steve: Decision Day! 13 Sep 13 After an incredible week it's time for Lisa and Steve to decide: lovers or friends? The official announcement will be placed on an easel outside BBC Broadcasting House at 2pm and shortly afterwards proclaimed to the people of Bournemouth by a town crier. And just in case we were lacking on ceremony, there's a gospel choir to sing a live version of their theme tune. Also, Scott's become a massive fan of prinking. Real Or No Real is another Even More Music special. And Scott's ready with some more REAL TALK.
Scott And Chris Naked On A Beach? 16 Sep 13 With Radio 1 reeling from the sight of Greg riding naked on a wrecking ball, Scott and Chris can't get nudity out of their heads today. Would Scott ride on a wrecking ball himself (Vanessa Feltz wants him to)? Would Chris go to a naturist beach with Scott? Would Scott go on his favourite new TV show "Naked And Alone"? Why are we doing a nude special again?? This wasn't meant to happen! Also, Chris is having a massive lunch time stress. It's too much to explain here, you'll just have to listen. And Dan and Phil are in for Real Or No Real.
Chris's Shop Lies Catch Up With Him 17 Sept 13 The man at Chris's favourite lunch shop has been telling him to "say hi to Matt" for months now. Chris has no idea who Matt is but he's gone along with it to get cheap lasagne. Then, yesterday, the man asked Chris if he could get him some pants. Suddenly the lies have caught up with him! Scott's obviously loving this and has decided to make things worse by sending Chris to the shop with some actual pants to give to the man. It all happens live on the show. Plus, Sarah Jane Crawford is in for Innuendo Bingo, Charlie Sloth plays Real Or No Real, and Scott needs to have a tricky converstion with his mum.
Chris's Shop Mystery Finally Solved 18 Sep 13 Scott can't take it anymore. The mystery of Chris's lunch shop is too much for him and he rings up to ask what's going on. Why did the man want Chris to bring him pants?! When he finds out, it gives Scott an idea to make things even worse for Chris. Plus, Sara Cox is in for Real Or No Real. Did Icona Pop really take a rabbit on a night out with them? Our favourite TV newsreader, Simon McCoy, has had another incident. And we find out more about the bizarre new TV show, "Naked And Afraid"!
Neville Longbottom On Innuendo Bingo! 19 Sep 13 Matt Lewis, the actor who played Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter pops in to play Innuendo Bingo and talk about his new film, 'The Rise'. The great news is, he's a real laugher! He can't hold it together at all and it's amazing. Also, Scott is feeling needy as he always does at this time of year (it's freshers' week and he's worried he's not getting as much attention as normal). A plan is forming around the word 'goosebumps'. And Greg plays Real Or No Real.
#Goosebumps Gets Out Of Hand 20 Sep 13 Scott’s neediness has got well out of hand. He’s actually set up a phone line so freshers can check in and let him know how they’re doing on their first week at Uni. And while so many people are stressing about packing for their new Uni lives, Scott gives Chris a challenge. Can he keep a straight face while he asks if he’s allowed to take RIDICULOUS items into Halls with him? Plus, Real Or No Real with Greg James. And you’ve sent some brilliant #goosebumps texts to Fearne Cotton.
Freshers' Line, Day One 23 Sep 13 How are the country's new uni students getting on? We can find out thanks to Scott's new phone line. Some voicemails are left during the day, some during the night, and some during the VERY early hours of the morning. Put them all together and you really get the full fresher experience! Also, Dan and Phil play Real Or No Real. Is Emma Bunton's full name really "Emma Bunton RSPB"? And - sidebar - there's been a brilliant Live Lounge from Justin Timberlake.
Weather's Carol Kirkwood On Innuendo Bingo 24 Sep 13 BBC Weather superstar, Carol Kirkwood, has been on our must-have list for Innunedo Bingo for a long time and we've finally got her! What will she make of our filthy minds?! Chris has had the best night of his life! (Again.) Kanye West has left everyone a little confused after his Zane Lowe interview. And Charlie Sloth isn't sure who Franz Ferdinand are, but that doesn't stop him singing along to their songs anyway.
Dad, Don't Panic, I'm Moving Back Home! 25 Sep 13 It's Freshers' week all over the country and while some parents are really worried about their kids, some are just excited to have the house to themselves. George's Dad definitely falls into the second category. Scott gets George to call up his Dad and panic him a little but it all goes wrong! A must-listen call! Also, Danny Howard is in to debate the length of Justin Timberlake's arms in Real Or No Real. Is Duncan Bannatyne really playing at student gigs? And why would anyone want their chicken done three ways? Surely one way's enough?
Scott Spills And Innuendo Bingo 26 Sep 13 Scott's a little bit off after having had some wines with Beccy last night. It's all fine though, he's got Chris in to help him with things like wiping bits of food off his face! (All a bit weird TBH.) More importantly, Clara Amfo, 1Xtra's newest presenter is in for Innuendo Bingo and she's brilliant. She's determined to give Chris a soaking! None of the Radio 1 presenters are allowed to talk tomorrow for Even More Music Month. When Greg pops in for Real Or No Real he's worried it's the beginning of the end for him and Scott! Hopefully not eh?!
Scott Does The Actual Weather 30 Sep 13 Scott couldn't take it when he wasn't allowed to talk on the radio on Friday so tried to get on air somewhere else. BBC Weather took pity and let him have a go. Predictably, Chris ruined it for him! Also, the boys have been told they can play any film soundtrack they want, but which will they choose? Chris has been invited to a birthday party... for a one year old. And Amazing Phil drops in for Real Or No Real (DanIsNotHere because his nob's fallen off. That one is real. Listen for full details.)

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