Scott to appear in the I’m A Celebrity jungle?


Scott to appear in the I’m A Celebrity jungle?


Although Scott suggests that he’s off to appear on the I’m A Celebrity spin-off show, several gossip sites reckon that he could well be appearing on the actual jungle show next week.

Scott is now in Australia and has taken a week off leaving Greg Jamesin charge of his radio show. But now websites including Heat World believe he may be sent into the jungle to shake things up.

As Viv points out on the Unofficial Mills forum his explanation could well be a smoke screen.

She points out in September he told the website Celebritain that he would be prepared to go into the jungle.

He said: “All I could handle would be I’m A Celebrity. I think that would be fun – ish!”

Whether he goes into the jungle or merely appears on the ITV2 coverage we’ll let you know here when we get the news.