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Despite Mills' team failing to win the £70,000 for charity there was one upside to his appearance - a clip that is likely to live on and on. [...]
Yesterday the Big Weekend was announced as coming to Norwich in the most Norwich style possible... with town crier Bob Lloyd announcing it. [...]
He is a rising star at Radio 1, and now he's getting his own chat show. That's right - Channel 4 have commissioned a one-off documentary about Chris from The Scott Mills Show. [...]
Do you think the people of Serbia look at the British X Factor, see Louis Walsh, and says he's a poor man's Scott Mills? [...]
Beccy Huxtable, former Assistant Producer for The Scott Mills Show, has won an award for her work in highlighting the illness Multiple Sclerosis. [...]
It's set to be an internet hit. This is the video of Chris Stark interviewing Jennifer Aniston for Radio 1's Breakfast Show. Cringe. [...]
Jedward take on Sara Cox and Chris Stark in a four-way innuendo bingo. [...]
On this morning's breakfast shows Chris has been talking about Scott's cameos on various television shows. As Scott doesn't like to talk about it we've compiled some of the best from YouTube. [...]
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