October 2018 Podcasts


October 2018 Podcasts


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Title Description Duration
Reach Up For The Stars! 1 Oct 2018 Why do people in Chichester not know the words to Reach by S Club 7? Plus, did listener Georgia get revenge on her boyfriend that she's lost to a video game? and petty weekend arguments you have with your partner. 27:01.0
Up or No Up? That Is The Question. 2 Oct 2018 The big debate about the words to the S Club 7 classic Reach continues, so Scott gets word straight from the horses mouth (err, not that we are calling Tina Barrett from S Club 7 a horse!) Also Nicole from Pontypridd returns with tales of her adventures in Amsterdam. 26:21.0
Olly Murs Does It With His Eyes 3 Oct 2018 It's Bamboleo day and Olly Murs is here to defend himself from accusations of being overly flirtatious with his eyes. Also, did S Club 7 put an "UP" in their hit song Reach at last night's gig and Scott completely loses it, in another round of Funny Business. If you have anything you would like to share with the show get in touch - [email protected]. 29:11.0
Jason Derulo Vocal Coaching 4 Oct 2018 Jason Derulo may have sold 30 Million records worldwide but that doesn't mean he can't improve - well that's according to Scott who gives him some vocal coaching and we have another round of Where Do You Think They Were and it's a classic. 30:21.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show: Beds and Bangers 5 Oct 2018 More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris catches up with Becca of millennium conception fame and answers your nerdy and not so nerdy questions about the show. 24:04.0
Freckles Are Where?? 8 Oct 2018 Misheard song lyrics, phantom flatmates, half-marathon toilet breaks and weekend blowouts! It can only be another Scott Mills Daily. What other shows get a dog to choose the banger? 31:32.0
A Shop Called BJs 9 Oct 2018 A new game of Funny Business has Scott and Chris crying as they hear more hilarious shop names from around the country. One of our famous listeners phones in as her husband annoys her by mimicking her Scottish accent whilst he tells her off. A horse is the judge in today’s bangers, and listener Adam got a tattoo on his hand of the entry stamp for his local nightclub so he wouldn’t have to pay entry. A decision he regrets. Terribly. 25:02.0
Freya Ridings Vocal Coaching Session 10 Oct 2018 Scott gives Freya Ridings one of his world famous vocal coaching sessions, but are you posh enough to hear it? Also listener Jess has a problem she needs Scott's help with and another animal gets to choose the banger. 32:02.0
Oh no...Grandma Joyce was there?! 11 Oct 2018 Poor Dylan finds out from mum, Paula that his grandma was there when he was made..! 30:28.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show: Poo With A View 12 Oct 2018 More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris reconnects with Good News Jamie and talks to more listeners about their epic tattoos. Plus he chats to Adam, the latest star of a brutal 'Where Do You Think They Were?'. 29:42.0
We're running out of music..! 15 Oct 2018 It's going to happen eventually, Scott & Chris prove that we're running out of music. 26:15.0
Eau De Tap End or Bingo Juice? 16 Oct 2018 Celebrity perfumes a back for Christmas and listener Sophie is fuming about it! Then Chris has an idea that could bring in millions. Also companies with more LOL names in another game of Funny Business. 27:48.0
Smelly New Balls Maybe? 17 Oct 2018 Scott and Chris are amazed to see their old mate BJ from Zante on T.V. They also look into mysterious airport hotels and do some market research on what their brand of perfume should smell like, new tennis balls perhaps? 37:23.0
HRVY & Where Do You Think They Were 18 Oct 2018 HRVY is here for a game of 10 Seconds To, Chris has some theories about The Apprentice and Listener Emily suffers a game of Where Do You Think They Were. 32:07.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show: How Chris Met Scott 19 Oct 2018 More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris talks about the first time he met Scott and catches up with Good News Jamie to check he’s done his homework. 29:03.0
The Smell Of Fear 20 Oct 2018 Francoise The Nose is finally here, but can he smell fear? Also listener Zoe is furious because her husband stole her fourth finger and producer Will reaches up for the stars. 31:35.0
Do Boys Wipe..? 22 Oct 2018 Scott answers listener Danni's question and The Homes Under The Hammer game returns! 36:36.0
Francoise the nose 23 Oct 2018 Scott & Chris look further into making a perfume before x-mas. Plus, more Funny Business! 32:20.0
Sexy Halloween 24 Oct 2018 Jack & Jack pop in to play 10 Seconds To. Plus, another round of Bamboleo! 31:56.0
The original Netflix & chill 25 Oct 2018 We hear another cringe Where Do You Think They Were & do people sit on the loo backwards? 35:12.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show: Live Lounge Mouse 26 Oct 2018 More behind the scenes action from the Scott Mills show. Chris discusses Live Lounge mouse, the latest addition to the Radio 1 family. 27:12.0
Mouse In Da House 30 Oct 2018 The saga of the massive Live Lounge mouse continues, we have another round of Funny Business (will Scott or Chris laugh) and what is your Facebook rule for accepting friend requests? 25:50.0
Devil's Fingers & Ketchup Please! 31 Oct 2018 Scarlett Moffatt is here for a Halloween special of the Whoooo Game, we find some absurd Halloween names on food dishes and we speak to a ghost and a ghosted. 38:24.0

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