September 2018 Podcasts


September 2018 Podcasts


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Title Description Duration
Chris's Friday Extra Show: Doing What With Christmas? 8 Sept 2018 Another behind-the-scenes look at Radio 1 including podcast descriptions that go worng, a chat to Nicole who's about to board a plane for the first time ever and more answers to your nerdy questions 23:53.0
Real Men Wear Bow Ties! 12 Sep 2018 Beware of men with small hands! What rubbish dating advice you been given from your dad?  Plus, Peter Crouch gets to join a listeners WhatsApp group, our cuffing queen Katie is back with more dating stories, Chris misunderstands the meaning of "Going Dutch" and It's Bamboleo Wednesday. so listen out for your favourite clips in the gap. 33:20.0
Where Do You Think They Were - Gold Edition 13 Sept 2018 All of Scott’s show, without the music! Innuendo Bingo, prank calls, Chris’s stories, listeners’ dilemmas, Real Or No Real, stupid games: it’s all here for you, five days a week. 32:07.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show:  A Giraffe Walks Into A Bar. 14 Sept 2018 More behind the scenes stuff from The Scott Mills Show. Find out why Scott had an argument on a plane, hear Good News Jamie’s extra-long giraffe joke and Ella from this week’s “Where Do You Think They Were” tells of how the fame went to her parent’s heads. 30:30.0
Number 38? - Perfect Date! 17 Sept 2018 Have you ever been convinced that a famous is staring from the stage straight into your eyes? Plus Cuffing Queen Kate is back to tell of the last few dates before she found The One and where is the worst place possible to be having a massive argument with your partner. 30:34.0
The Return Of The Freshers Game 18 Sept 2018 More ridiculous places you've had arguments, pre-drinks in garden centres, Harry Styles' new image and student Max and his mum play the Freshers Game. 33:36.0
Dress Up and Salute The Pilot 19 Sept 2018 It's Bamboleo Wednesday and we speak to Nicole from Pontypridd who's never before been on a plane and when your parents set you up on dates. 33:19.0
Couscous Omlette Anyone? 20 Sept 2018 Isn't it annoying when restaurants discontinue your favourite dish?  Also when you are a fresher at Uni the last thing you have time for is to cook properly which results in some very weird dishes being conjured up. 23:09.0
Chris's Friday Extra Show: Mick's On The Telly! 21 Sept 2018 Chris catches up with Scott on the set of Strictly, speaks to listener Nicole (who's never been on a flight,) about her family's reaction to her being on the radio, plus  Good News Jamie spits a few bars. 22:35.0
Hello, Tony's Tackle Here! 24 Sept 2018 Scott & Chris were in for Greg on Radio 1 breakfast because Greg only went and got married! Also, Scott desperately tries to avoid any Bodyguard spoilers, Kate Silverton sounds like a car alarm on Strictly and we play a game called Funny Business -  it's calling businesses with funny names. 46:08.0
Time For Pigs In Blankets? 25 Sept 2018 So many questions! Do people on the street think Scott's drinking wee? Are pigs-in-blankets getting out of control? Has listener Adam has achieved his goal of having a sex with 50 Cent? and how did the lady have sex with Christmas get through on the phone again? 27:40.0
Scott - You Big Soppy Custard Cruncher! 26 Sept 2018 We had an influx of complaints about Scott playing a Christmas song yesterday and why is there a “husband calling” competition in America? Plus, are you one of those people about to be abandoned by your partner because of a video game? 29:26.0
Jack Whitehall in Where Do You Think They Were? 27 Sept 2018 Jack Whitehall and his dad join us for a Celebrity Where Do You Think They Were? Plus, we have some more travel tips for Nicole from Pontypridd who's never been on a plane or abroad in her life and a 3 FOOT long pig in blanket that we just have to show off about. 35:50.0

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